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  3. Hi Yannick, It should now be possible for you to activate adaware antivirus. I'm still trying to find a person that can change for the Privacy Toolbox, but after you've activated adaware antivirus, it should be possible for you to reach the support team inside the program. Please, try that.
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  5. Hi Yannick, PM is a personal message. On my profile page: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/profile/79449-ceciliab please click the button "Message" on the big black area. Then on the new page/box it's like writing a forum post, but it will be sent only to me and nobody else can read it. You can access your received and sent messages by clicking on the letter icon at the top of the page.
  6. adaware software needs to see the log files and system information according to How to report a problem.
  7. Hello Cecilia, I didn't had time past week to ask help from the online support team, but thanks for to have warn me. I would like to send you a PM... but what is it? :-/ Greetings, Yannick
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  9. Hi danb, I think it's best that you collect logs and other information about your computer: Collect Logs for Troubleshooting Then adaware software (Lavasoft) can create a fix that is adapted for your version of Ad-Aware 11 and what's left of it in your computer.
  10. I have just uninstalled Ad-Aware 11 and am experiencing the issue with lost internet access to a variety of programs on my system. Having done a bit of internet searching, I was led to this forum and the following thread which appears to offer a fix which would work for my Windows 7 x64 setup: However when I download the Uninstall_fix_Win7x64 zip archive it is empty. Could someone please direct me to a valid archive of this solution as the problem is now impacting on my business. Many thanks in advance
  11. Further complicating matters, a boot-time scan removed the miner as well, so apparently no form of automatic scanning is adhering to exclusions. Had there not been a response to this thread I would have uninstalled it in response. I'm using the Claymore dual miner version 9.5, from here: https://github.com/nanopool/Claymore-Dual-Miner/releases I have the miner thrown into a directory on the desktop since it has to be accessed a lot, in C:\Users\_local_username_\Desktop\Claymore, and the same path is in the "paths excluded" list. It is the only entry. "Extensions excluded" is empty.
  12. At the moment adaware software (Lavasoft) doesn't know why adaware antivirus prolongs the access of some files in some computers. They thank you for the logs that will help them investigating the fault.
  13. That web page isn't working at the moment. Newcombe, do you still need help or has it been solved?
  14. Hi again, It seems to be some problem with the web page for contacting support. Please send me a PM with your license key and my contact person will handle the change.
  15. Please, see Trying to register but Submit button is grey.
  16. The problem still happens after trying everything you've proposed. I submit the requested files. adaware antivirus.zip (tell me if you can't access the file) Btw, I've updated Java to the most recent version. Msixxx.zip SystemInfo.zip
  17. Hi Mare, This topic is in the forum for Ad-Aware version 11. Are you trying to install that old version or the newest adaware antivirus version 12?
  18. They did some changes with "My adaware" and its login yesterday. Please try to login again. https://www.adaware.com/myadaware/loginpage
  19. Hay there, I tried various instalation options but get error mesage every time: couldn't create psrocess: msinfo.nfo i cant upload here: error mesage adawere folder .zip cant upload here because it says it is too big can you help me please Have a nice day MSI379b9.zip
  20. Great thank you very much!
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  22. Please check your spam folders and I'll inform my contact person that can contact the support team.
  23. Sorry but I forgot to show command to start scan: START "" "%_ACF%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" --full Another item which may slow scans is submitting files to the Threat Alliance which can be turned OFF under App Management.
  24. Hey Cecilia, I have tried twice now to get in touch and I haven't heard anything back. Is there another way to reach someone who could help? Thanks
  25. Hi Newcombe, Please contact the support team of adaware software (Lavasoft): https://www.adaware.com/antivirus/submit-a-ticket A public forum isn't the right place for email address, license keys and other identity info.
  26. Hey, I am looking to cancel my auto renewal to Adaware anti virus pro. But I seem to be locked out of my account and cant access anything there in. I have tried to reset my password and no matter what I do the link that I am supplied with from lavasoft in the email always fails and returns a 403 Forbidden error no matter what. Is there a way to have my info given to me so I may log in and cancel? I can of course supply all the identity info needed. Mods, Staff please help.
  27. Hi Yannick, You're welcome I don't know why the server don't give you the correct details, my contact persons weren't aware of any problems with that server. I pretty sure that the support team can check that you don't have adaware antivirus installed on the other computer and transfer the license to the new one. I can't do that and a forum isn't the right place for email address and license keys. You too
  28. Hello CeciliaB, Thanks for your reaction. Though I can't remember exactly which month, I do remember I just bought & used the license key on one of my other personal computers end past year, just for some maintenance reason. After maintenance I unistalled Ad-aware from that particular computer, but never thought it would give some conflicts with the license key when installing afterwards on an other system (Like seen on my personal licenses overview, one of the print screens in previous post). B.t.w.: how does it come the server can't give proper details, even when the software and license are removed from one or more system(s)??? I thought my previous (expired) licenses used on other different & old systems were long gone!!! Now I only would like to use the license on another system, which im using right now and typing these post reactions on. Thanks for any further help. Lovely greetings, Yannick x
  29. It's probably best that you contact the support team for investigation and correction: https://www.adaware.com/antivirus/submit-a-ticket
  30. Hi again, It looks like you in October used the license key in another computer. Is that right?
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