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  3. Then you've to contact the support team and you should be able to do that through the menus in the program.
  4. Hi Vorless, Is it the antivirus program or another product?
  5. Basically in title. I signed up for the trial and I was charged before the trial ended.
  6. Strange, it works for me with Firefox and it seems to be the correct link without redirection. But I'll inform my contact person in the company.
  7. Ok, thanks. On a side note, when you goto Lavasoft's main page here:, then Click on "Community" > "Forum", it just reroutes back to the main page with this URL: . This has been happening in both Microsoft Edge and IE for the past several weeks. I have to google search for Lavasoft Adaware Forum to get the correct URL:
  8. At least, you've done everything you can do, except for reinstallation of Windows, to have Adaware antivirus working as usual.
  9. Hi mike30269, I'm sorry to hear about your problem and I'll forward the information to my contact person in the company.
  10. Is adaware a product from a company that has a mission statement of helping the unsuspecting consumer or business from falling prey to the unscrupulous tactics of the dishonest who want to infecting computers with viruses and malware for personal gain? Or is adaware a company that plays both sides of the coin, pushing out those same viruses and malwares on one hand and then selling people products to fix them on the other hand? I had used the free version of Adaware for several years and found it to be effective. When I started a business and needed a little more protection I bought a 2 year subscription to Pro Security 2. My only complaint is that when it is actively doing a scan it eats up most of my CPU capacity making it hard to do much else... the system bogs down. I can time it to where that isn't a huge problem however Yesterday I started getting a popup purportedly from adaware stating I needed to install the latest version of the software. By today it has gone from a friendly reminder to one of the most annoying popups I have ever experienced. First of all it takes over the entire screen so if I am working ion a project while looking at a book then when it pops up, whatever I am typing stops although I am still typing because I am referring to a book or transcript and don't see it. Secondly it seems to work for 15 or 20 seconds prior to appearing, perhaps pulling account information or whatever it needs to be ready for whatever option one might choose. It seems to do the same thing when one tries to close the window. During this time - and it is brief - the computer slows to a crawl. Thirdly, and most importantly to me, the popup is relentless and thought-interrupting when one is sitting there doing intensive work. I don't know the exact frequency but something like 8 minutes between? It doesn't appear to have any selection like "remind me again in two weeks" or don't show this to me again." At first I was convinced the popup was adware itself... but when I went through the program as installed on my computer to update the software, the exact same screen that the popup was showing appeared. When I started asking on the internet how to keep adaware from popping up update notifications, there were as many people who were asking how to get the "adaware virus" off their computer as there were people asking if it was a good virus protector. Specifically, I kept seeing references to Adaware Web Companion that seemed to have little opposition to the idea that this was full-fledged malware or adware with no redeeming qualities. So again, is Adaware a product of a company who sees its role as providing a defense to the bombardment of viruses and malware or are they pushing in deceiving and harmful things to our computer so they can benefit from folks buying their software to remove them?
  11. Welcome back :default_smile:

    1. Duckie


      Thank you Cecilia, it's been a long time, good to see you moved up the ranks from the last i was here :)

  12. Thanks for the tips. I uninstalled AdAware, rebooted, then I downloaded and ran your Lavasoft AdAware Removal Tool:, after restarting, I happened to check "Show which icons to appear on the taskbar" and I see 2 instances of AdAwareTray.exe that still appear as icons even after uninstalling Adaware and running the removal tool (which I anticipate may have been a side effect of my problem.) I did a online search and found both a Microsoft discussion that involves a manual removal/reset process: And a separate forum discussion on that includes a .bat file that automates the Icon cache reset process: This cleared the 2 instances of AdAwareTray.exe that were appearing. I reinstalled a clean version of AdAware (Version, however, the icon still does not appear to display anything when hovering over it with your mouse. Maybe it's not supposed to?
  13. ok thank you very much suddenly we have to wait.
  14. Hi again, They're working to get AdBlock back in Firefox but can't say when it's finished.
  15. Hi BWarriner, I suggest that you include the Removal Tool in your uninstallation to decrease the chance that there are adaware antivirus left-overs that disturb the program. This is the procedure: Uninstall Adaware antivirus Restart the computer Run the Removal Tool Restart the computer Installs Adaware Restarts the computer Removal Tool:
  16. Hi Roy, I suggest that you uninstall Adaware antivirus, restart the computer, use the Removal Tool, restart the computer, installs Adaware again and finally restarts the computer again. Removal Tool:
  17. Hi Lecomte, Mozilla reports that the add-on has been removed by the developer. I don't know why but I'll ask my contact person at Adaware software. I can understand your English without any problems.
  18. Some months ago, I let my OCD get the best of me and attempted to correctly respell the Adaware startup menu folder and taskbar icon to include the capitol "A" at the beginning (vs. the adaware folder/icon that appears now) In doing so, I believe I corrupted the taskbar icon so now when you hover over it with your mouse, it doesn't display any name at all. I uninstalled/reinstalled Adaware, eventually leaving the startup menu folder to just "adaware" (and its subfolders to "adaware antivirus" and "adaware antivirus support", however, even after a clean installation, the taskbar tray icon simply doesn't reflect any name when hovering over it (say vs. Norton 360 that displays "Norton 360" when hovering over it.) I was wondering if there is a way to fix this? Currently using Adaware Antivirus Free version However, this issue persisted in the past couple of versions as well. Thanks.
  19. Good evening, the extension no longer exists on firefox will it be operational? And if so when? I am using Ad aware antivirus free. Thank you in advance. (Sorry if I write badly I translate from French to English with google translate)
  20. I downloaded and installed the latest update this morning, restarted my computer, and now my internet speed is at an absolute crawl. What is going on here? I've restarted my PC 3 times and restarted the router as well.
  21. Hi harbercandelario, Please go through the settings of your browsers and uninstall the Web Companion add-on. Restart the computer and try to delete the Lavasoft folder. Any error messages?
  22. During the setup of an application AD-AWARE WEB COMPANION was installed. As this has not an uninstaller , I contacted Lavasoft and the support suggested me to download adaware_remover.exe (25 megabytes file !) to remove it . The remover was ran but the all the files are still @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Lavasoft\Web Companion\Application. Any suggestion on how to get rid of this nuisance ? Thanks
  23. Hi Mike, Due to the web address I think you've allowed notifications from that web site in the browser. See here to remove it from the browser: Chrome, Firefox and old Edge: New Edge: Not a virus and not something antivirus programs care of since it isn't dangerous or harmful for the computer.
  24. Disappointed that Adaware Pro did not stop this virus nor find it when I did a scan. IT pops up about every 11 minutes. See pic.
  25. Hi again Randy, The antivirus program and the ad-blocking software are separate products. Both are available as free products. The antivirus program is also available as a paid premium program and the prizes are presented on its web site. Sometimes there are discounts but none here knows when that happens.
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