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  2. Hi, This is a forum where users of Adaware products help each other. I and other persons here are neither employed nor paid by any company involved in any of the Adaware programs. If you want to complain, this is the wrong place since company employees very seldom read posts in the forum. But several persons have been helped with uninstallation of Web Companion and other problems. There are some topics with successful removal of Web Companion in this forum.
  3. This is not asking for help, because I know that from scammers like you there is no help to be expected. I saw your bs replies about uninstalling a browser extension and whatnot, and you know D*mn well that this doesn't work. You people are disgusting pieces of , deliberately infecting thousands of computers world wide, unknowingly, just to pretend that you're a totally normal internet security company when people inevitably come to these forums to ask for help in getting rid of this digital cancer. To the forum staff, tech support employee, or whatever your bottom of the barrel position is called in this joke of a company: How do you sleep at night? Like I'm serious, how do you work for these scammers day in, day out, and go to bed with a clear conscience? Or are you a sociopath who doesn't even have one? Flipping burgers or garbage collecting have a 100 times more dignity than your pseudo job, people like you are what makes the world such a sad place at times. I hope this company dies in a fire, and I cross fingers that one day you will see the benefits of a real job - morally and financially. Until then: Get #####.
  4. Hi Gary, Please see this topic about how to contact the support team:
  5. ever sincw May renewal I have nothing but problems with my upgrade to Adware Antivirus It keeps going back to the free Ver. on system, it sign-in with no problem and shows me the FREE VER. and will not go to the (Total) ver.. this has been an on going problem since May. HELP me to get this problem fixed. Thank you xxxxxx
  6. Hi bigjake24, The free version is updated/converted to the pro version when you enter the license key in the antivirus program. If you mean that you've lost the key, try to login to your account info here: If that doesn't help you've to contact the support team:
  7. Hello I have ad aware pro account got a virus so uninstalled my ad aware and installed the free version and would like to re download my ad aware pro but the web page tells me to payagain how to get key from account
  8. Impossible to say. Can you give some examples of the files that Adaware found, Windows' files, your own pictures etc.?
  9. Does this sound like malware generic trojan?
  10. Very strange indeed. I'm sorry but some combinations of antivirus programs don't work.
  11. I turned off kapersky and started a scan it says it found 752 thousand infected files and would take 178 days to scan that did not work.
  12. Hi bigjake24, Please see this page in the manual: If you run a scan while Kaspersky's antivirus program is running, the following will happen: 1. Adaware requests to open a file. 2. Kaspersky's notices the request and wants to scan the file too. 3. Sometimes when Kaspersky's checks the file, it'll create a temporary file. 4. Adaware wants to scan that temporary file. As you can see, the simple scan can turn into almost a nightmare of scanning files when two antivirus program are running and one of them runs a scan. Please, make sure that Kaspersky's antivirus program is disabled while running a scan with Adaware antivirus.
  13. My ad aware constantly deletes a kapersky file and when I run full scan it takes over 24 hours to scan and never finishes any ideas? what is wrong
  14. Hi Mertz, Please see this topic:
  15. I am paying for ads, but I am not able to log into my account, and when I try to change my password I receive no emails from Google to do it. How do I contact support to get help to get into my account?
  16. Hi dekiscool, I'm sorry but it's necessary that it takes some time for an antivirus to scan every file and folder that you want to open, move or handle in some other way. Depending on computer and storage the time might be noticeable or not.
  17. So I was starting to wonder why suddenly it seems to take forever to move files to the trash or to another folder or even to open a file or folder. And then in opening a folder it seems to take a while for the files inside to be accessible. So doing some googling on the issue, someone had recommended shutting off the antivirus and see what happens. So I shut off adaware...and sure enough, once Adaware was off, everything worked so much better and opened quick like it should. So why is Adaware causing this issue and what can be done? It seems like every antivirus I have tried, there is always some quirk that comes up and I end up having to get rid of it. I had Avast at one point and suddenly, if I wanted to save a file in my web browser...Avast wouldn't let the save box open. Any help would be greatly appreciated with my issue with Adaware. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hi Raymond, Please see this topic:
  19. Hi, According to the agreement between Adaware Software and the companies that bundle an Adaware product, the companies must give the user the opportunity to select to install or not to install the Adaware product. Please, tell us the name of the product and where you downloaded it. Adaware software will then complain to that company.
  20. No, Adaware antivirus is not malicious and is used by many persons without any problems.
  21. Be ashamed of yourself. Bundling your software with other software that does not ask for consent to install it is not a good install practice. It is not a good way to grow your user base, and it's only slightly less shady than the viruses and malware that yours supposedly removes. Look yourself in the eye and consider what you're doing to people's computers. If your software was good, people would use it and recommend it to others. Not be hit by it in the digital equivalent of a drive-by shooting.
  22. No. This software is being installed as adware by applications you might not suspect to be malicious without your consent. Stay far away from it if possible.
  23. You have just renewed my annual subscription to AD aware pro but you forgot to activate all my protection. It is always the same problem every time you renew. I will reconsider renewing next time if you do not correct this annual problem.
  24. I've moved the topic. Note that most members here use the free version and can't answer your question.
  25. Hi tester12345, This is the subforum for Ad-Aware version 11, which is a very old version. Do you want to have information about that version or about version 12? In the latter case I'll move the topic to the correct subforum. What shall the information be used to?
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