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  3. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Thanks for logs! Development team will check the logs and will try to fix all issues.
  4. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Did a Quick scan, included only toady logs in archive Logs.zip
  5. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hello! Please turn on AAW logging in such way: After that run again daily scan and wait for file detection. Change view folder options in windows explorer to show hidden files. Find Adaware log folder. It can be by one of these paths: %All Users%\adaware\adaware antivirus\ %Program Data%\adaware\logs Pack this folder and attach archive to a post please.
  6. zeus virus

    Hi barbugh, Do you have any problems with zeus infections?
  7. Y won't msi begin update?

    Hi barbugh, Please answer these questions: 1, Which version of adaware antivirus do you have? 2, Which version of Windows do you have? 3. How do you update adaware antivirus? 4. What happens when you try to update?
  8. zeus virus

    tkts ARENT answered
  9. Y won't msi begin update?

    Unable to updaye adaware12
  10. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Daily scan still find a miner as a virus and removes it
  11. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Folder scan(right click in explorer -> Scan with Adaware Antivirus) completed and miner is not detected
  12. Hi again, Adaware software says that they are working on an update of ad block and it'll be ready before the release of Firefox version 57 in November. Please, use the stable version of Firefox, instead of the beta version.
  13. Hi pnophotography, I'll contact adaware software (Lavasoft) regarding your information.
  14. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hello! Please try this: 1. Reboot your PC. 2. Turn Off Real Time Protection 3. Download archive with miner. 4. Unpack miner from archive 5. Add a folder path with your unpacked miner to Exclusion list 6. Stop / Start Antivirus 7. Turn On Real Time Protection 8. Run Scan of a folder that was added to Exclusion list
  15. Hi there Just to let you know that Mozilla Firefox as blocked Adaware Popblocker can you please get it to install as when you unistall firefox to ver 56 and also ask not to up date it still does update to 57 I love your app so must im think about uninstalling firefox altogether. Please see photo added to this email Thank you
  16. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Daily scan still removes miner and it also removes miner when it has a freezed gpu thread. Daily scan report attached adaware_Report_Quick_Automatic_29.09.2017 120042.xml
  17. Comodo Firewall + Adaware Antivirus Free

    You're welcome, Wefo
  18. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    I switch AV to disabled few days ago, now I changed the state to active againg and rechecking, will let you know later
  19. Many thanks, CeciliaB
  20. Adaware Antivir is unable to be deinstalled

    Hi yutomakh, Which version of adaware antivirus do you have? Can you select Change -> Repair for adaware antivirus in Control Panel's list of installed programs?
  21. The program Adaware Anivir has ocupyed place in my PC and is not going to leave it. The described way to deinstall the program does not work-REMOVE shows no function after clicks.
  22. scan report options

    Hi tmagz, Never delete files, since all antivirus programs sometimes have false positives and then you want to be able to restore them from the quarantine.
  23. scan report options

    should i quarantine or delete files
  24. 'thank-you' tab

    Hi again, I got the following information from adaware software: Which Firefox version are you using? Is it possible that you've some kind of software that removes files or try to keep files in the Firefox profile the same the whole time, e.g. an antivirus program or CCleaner? After displaying the "thank you" page, adaware ad block saves that information in a special file in the extension folder within the Firefox profile and if that file is deleted, ad block thinks that it hasn't displayed the "thank you" page yet and does it again. Try to remember if you installed any programs or extensions before this problem started. If you don't have any such program, please uninstall the extension (or whole ad block), restart the computer and install it again. Please keep us posted, it would be very helpful if anyone else gets the same problem.
  25. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    File was added to Exclusion list and we have no detected objects anymore. Do you still have this problem?
  26. update popups

    Please see topic OpenGL Error Message.
  27. update popups

    Okay, I've downloaded 12.2.876, etc but it will not install. Instead I get a message box, which I cannot copy to paste here. It starts "Failed to create OpenGLContext for format QSurfaceFormat (version 2.0 ........). No clue what this means beyond my having 70 megs of protection that I can't activate. Windows 7 Pro, otherwise up-to-date and protected
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