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  2. Hi, I can't seem to uninstall this program. I think I installed it while trying to install something else. However, when I go to Control Panel to uninstall it, a new window pop ups saying that Web Companion crashed. Can someone please help me out on what I should do? Thanks so much.
  3. I have been having issues activating on a Virtual Machine, is this one of the 'incompatibilities? Will VMs be supported sometime soon? Kurt
  4. Last week
  5. No need to apologize I agree that it's better to install the recommended version. I suggest that, if the problem occurs after a restart of the computer, you follow my previous post and upload the log files of adaware antivirus.
  6. The Adaware install completes. After rebooting, the tray icon does not show up. When I try to start adaware from the program menu, I get this error: C:\Program Files\adaware\adaware antivirus\adaware antivirus\12.0.649.11190\AdawareDesktop.exe The requested resource is in use. When I open Windows Task Manager, I see that on the running programs tab. On the Services tab, I see that the adaware service is stopped. When I try to start it in computer management, I get this error: Windows could not start the adaware antivirus service on Local Computer Error 170: The requested resource is in use. The start up choice is set to automatic. a
  7. Sorry for the long delay. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks and was nowhere near my workstation... This week, my Radeon tray icon let me know that there is an update for my video driver. The software showed that there were two options: a recommended update to 17.4.4 and an optional update to 17.5.2. I thought I would try to install again after the update. Driver 17.4.4 allowed me to install Adaware 12. I have not installed the "optional" update. Since adaware and the Radeon drivers are known to be a picky pair, I am thinking it may be wise to avoid installing "optional" updates to the driver. I am assuming that the "recommended" updates would be more stable. Anyone have thoughts on that?
  8. Hi dcyuri7, Please, keep the forum family-friendly. It's the same download file for the free and paid versions, it's the license key that unlocks the features of the paid version. What happened in the computer before adaware service couldn't run, any (un)installations, updates etc.? Please use Removal Tool: https://www.adaware.com/removal-tool If the Removal Tool can't remove everything of adaware antivirus, please collect logs and other information by following the instructions in https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/34799-how-to-report-a-problem to let Lavasoft investigate your problem with the service that stops (and probably causing the uninstallation problem).
  9. Look I'll be straight forward here. I am extremely frustrated with this. I would like to uninstall your product, and when I try, nothing happens. I goto Control Panel, add/remove cpl , and both Uninstall and Change buttons do absolutely nothing. Additionally, the program will not stay running. The service constantly shuts itself down. I can manually go into services panel, start adaware, and it says "running". some 15 seconds later, it's suddenly stopped again. As you can imagine, that makes it impossible to operate the GUI interface. Which is constantly telling me "Service unavailable!". Please help before I get so pissed that I format the pc and start over. I enjoyed your product, while it was working. It no longer does, and I need to reinstall it. Also by the way, your reset password link provided by your main account login page (sent by email), routes to a nginx 403. Useless. So I can't even download my paid product, because I can't login to my account because I can't reset my password. Please tell me how to remove this program. Please. Sorry, for the language. Been one of those days. This is some serious icing on the cake.
  10. Hi drdave327, Please, tell me if you find a free good antivirus program that doesn't nag you with ads for the paid version.
  11. How do I stop your program from demanding ransom from ransom-ware? It is real sad when your program pops up randomly to tell me I need to buy your product or face ransom-ware...isn't that taking over my computer with a message saying I must buy something so I don't have to look at your message, just, THE SAME??? You people make me sick!!!
  12. Earlier
  13. Hi Jaz, Congrats to no malicious files during several months that's is good, and fortunately most users don't discover any malicious files. Do you think that you download malicious files or visit malicious web sites since you're worried? You can download the EICAR test files to check if an antivirus program is working.They are harmless but all well-known antivirus programs are programmed to detect them as if they were malicious. In your case you've to disable McAfee antivirus program first since it should quarantine the file immediately. EICAR: http://www.eicar.org/85-0-Download.html Version 11 is still supported but it'll nag you about updating. Here is an installation file: http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/support/supportcenter/run_on_a_frozen_pc/ad-aware-standalone-installer
  14. I have the free version 12 as a second line defence. MacAfee is first. I set this up on 4 different systems, and it has found nothing for over 4 months. This really makes me wonder what's going on? How can I verify that it's actually working? and is anyone else having this problem? Since I really hate the new layout, is the older version 11 still supported? I'd love to change back. (UPDATE: I just downloaded version 11 from the web site. When I went to install it the installer says it's version 12. How do I revert back to 11 if there is no fix to 12. -also I'm using W10 build 1703) Thanks, -Jaz
  15. Hi again, Has it always been like this since you upgraded to adaware antivirus 12? Common causes are slow computer, slow hard disk(s) (e.g. external disk), many files, another security program and another program is using the hard disk(s) a lot.
  16. Hi mountainlion, I've asked adaware software (Lavasoft), but not received a reply yet.
  17. You're welcome, Joachim I'm glad the key worked. Berlin is a nice city, I was there on vacation last year.
  18. Hi Cecilia, thank you very much for the key and your advice. It worked very well. Kind regards from Berlin Joachim
  19. Hi Joachim, I've hidden your post since it contains the email address and there are spam spiders looking for email addresses everywhere on internet. Please, click "DO IT LATER" to be able to continue to use adaware antivirus. I've sent a PM to you with a license key. https://www.adaware.com/antivirus/activation
  20. When i run a full scan,it says it's calculating and it can be like that for 30 mins or so? When i run a quick scan or custom scan,it starts scanning straight away? I stuck with it and now it's scanning but it was still calculating for the 30 mins.
  21. Hi Deutschmann, It's a known problem if your email address contains a hyphen. Please, send a PM with your email address to me and I'll send a PM with a key to you.
  22. I try to get the activation key, but the submit button is not active. See Attachment. Can anyone advise me? Activation Key.docx Thank you
  23. Thank you for the information, I'll move this topic to the forum for adaware antivirus 12.
  24. Hi Ricardo, According to the specification of adaware antivirus on https://www.adaware.com/antivirus it's only designed for Windows 10, 8.x and 7, not any server version. If adaware software (Lavasoft) has sold adaware antivirus to your company knowing that you planned to install it on a server version, I suggest that you contact the support team: http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/support/supportcenter/technicalproblems/adaware_critical_problem_report
  25. 12, try to always keep it up to date Thanks again
  26. Shortly after installing Adaware on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine we received the following from the hosting company ~~ I'm contacting you in regards to your server - we've noticed that our switching infrastructure is dropping a number of ARP packets coming from this server. From reading the logs we're getting, it looks as though it's ARP requests for other IP addresses in the same range as this server that are being dropped. I've included some of the log output below for your reference: Apr 26 12:00:43.880 UTC: %SW_DAI-4-INVALID_ARP: 1 Invalid ARPs (Req) on Gi0/24, vlan 226.([0019.99d4.f230/ UTC Wed Apr 26 2017]) Apr 26 12:00:43.880 UTC: %SW_DAI-4-INVALID_ARP: 1 Invalid ARPs (Req) on Gi0/24, vlan 226.([0019.99d4.f230/ UTC Wed Apr 26 2017]) Apr 26 12:00:43.880 UTC: %SW_DAI-4-INVALID_ARP: 1 Invalid ARPs (Req) on Gi0/24, vlan 226.([0019.99d4.f230/ UTC Wed Apr 26 2017]) Apr 26 12:00:43.880 UTC: %SW_DAI-4-INVALID_ARP: 1 Invalid ARPs (Req) on Gi0/24, vlan 226.([0019.99d4.f230/ UTC Wed Apr 26 2017]) Apr 26 12:00:43.880 UTC: %SW_DAI-4-INVALID_ARP: 1 Invalid ARPs (Req) on Gi0/24, vlan 226.([0019.99d4.f230/ UTC Wed Apr 26 2017]) Apr 26 12:03:13.575 UTC: %SW_DAI-4-INVALID_ARP: 1 Invalid ARPs (Req) on Gi0/24, vlan 226.([0019.99d4.f230/ UTC Wed Apr 26 2017]) Upon closer inspection, we see the ARP requests contain the correct source MAC address and IP address, however the target MAC address in the ARP packet itself is set to be 00:00:00:00:00:00 which is invalid. Additionally, the Ethernet header on the packet itself lists both the source and destination MAC addresses as being 00:00:00:00:00:00. The likely causes of these are due to bugs/glitches in the Network Adapter Driver, bugs/glitches in software running on the server, or in some cases where Virtualisation services such as Hyper-V or VMWare that have been enabled but not fully configured. Our logs first started recording these ARP packets being seen at 20:55 last night (25th April). These don't look to be malicious in any way and from our perspective we don't see this as causing any issues to any of our infrastructure or to other customers, rather they look to be the result of something being incorrect in software and are being blocked automatically by the switching infrastructure. Could I ask you to take a look over your server to check into the source of these packets? ~~ 20:55 on 25th April was when I installed Adaware so one can't help but suspect that Adaware is the source of these packets. The hosting company doesn't seem to be alarmed but they would appreciate an explanation and, ideally, that they should stop. Can anyone help? TIA
  27. jerryb6446, that's great. You're welcome and I'll forward your thanks to adaware software. Which version of adaware antivirus do you have?
  28. CeciliaB I did an uninstall and reinstall, that seemed to fix the problem. Thank you for your help. And thanks to Adaware for a great product, I have been using it for many years.
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