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  2. Hi John, Please see this topic: Problem with activation of paid versions of adaware antivirus 12
  3. I bought Adware I bought Ad aware Pro and paid for it but the code you sent is not accepted?
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  5. Hi Sengoku, If this is what you've done: it's a setting for scheduled and on-demand scan, not for real-time protection as you noticed. This page and its sub-pages describes the settings of the real-time protection: But I'm not sure that you can do what you want to do.
  6. Ok, so I've installed Adaware antivirus free, because I thought I'll try something else than Avast free. I play a game called Tibia on open servers (old, unofficial verision) and I use an old bot (Elf) with crack. First time I've downloaded that crack, Avast moved it to its virus chest telling me it's a virus/trojan/whatever. On Avast I could click "restore & add to exceptions list" once and it all worked fine (unless I chang the name of that crack of course, but that's quite obvious). Ok, so today I wanted to play Tibia with my bot's crack with brand new Adaware antivirus free on my PC. It moved bot's crack to the quarantine directory, but that was something I was expecting, so I clicked "restore". Adaware antivirus free didn't ask me to add this file to exceptions. I tried to run bot's crack again and Adaware blocked it again. I've found the "Manage exclusions" and I added bot's crack into the "Paths excluded". I tried to run bot's crack again and Adaware blocked it again. I've disabled "Real-time protection" and now it's working fine - what the heck...? Why Adaware is blocking my file after I've added it to the exclusions list?
  7. Hi Zack, Have you tried to install Web Companion again to get a new uninstall.exe?
  8. Unable to uninstall due to accidentally deleting uninstall.exe or the app deleting .exe file itself. (?) The file is still running which also prevents me from uninstalling it. Help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi Prashanth, Have you gone through the add-ons and settings of your browser?
  10. Hi, I am also facing same problem, as you said i tried to search and delete from program files but unfortunately i didnt find.
  11. Have you tried either/both 1) Stopping and restarting Adaware, 2) Doing a "cold" computer reboot (not a "restart" but shut-down and reboot).
  12. You can check out the results of scans by going to the "Scan" page then scroll down to do the following: pic-1 - You have for example "A)" a report list of manual scans or "B)" a report of scheduled scan where you can "View" a specific scan report for either of the two specific type scans. The "View" buttons will take you to what you see in pic-2. pic-2 - By clicking on the "View" buttons pointed out in pic-1 you can get to this "Scan Report List" page where you can get more "Details" by clicking the "Details" link for any one of the performed scans you might be interested in looking at additional scan details. pic-3 - A click on "Details" as illustrated in pic-2 will get you to the "Scan Report Details" page where you can determine the outcome of the scan including threats found and what was done about each threat found. pic-4 - Provides an example where the "Objects Detected" option has been expanded (by clicking the circled toggle icon) to show details of the threats detected for the performed scan that was selected to get more details on what was done with each of the detected threats.
  13. Most people will have their computer at the very minimum enter "Sleep" mode (some use "Hibernate" mode etc.) after a specific amount of idle time has passed as opposed to leaving their computer awake at all times. Because Adaware Automated Scans will only run when the computer is in "Wake" mode there are specific requirements that need to be done to assure that Automated Scans will reliably run. So for users who want Adaware to run Automated Scans scheduled during times the computer will most likely not be awake (during times the user will typically be away from their computer such as 12AM - 5AM) it is a necessary prerequisite to "wake" the computer prior to the time the Automated Scan is scheduled to run. This can be accomplished, for example, by scheduling a task (i.e. using Windows Task Scheduler) that will wake the computer from "Sleep" or "Hibernate" modes just prior to the time when the Automated Scan is scheduled to run. Keep in mind, if the user requires a password to gain access to Windows then the "Run whether user is logged on or not" setting must to be enabled in the Windows Task Scheduler for that task. (Note: In the event the computer is already awake at the time -- then the scheduled task to "wake" the computer will do nothing.) One more thing, it may be necessary to enable the "Sleep" setting "Allow wake timers" under Windows "Power Options" > "Advanced settings" (see attached screen-shot). If all of this is done the Adaware Automated Scans should always successfully run as scheduled.
  14. Hi gfvesley, Yes, the file should have been moved from its original location to the quarantine of adaware antivirus.
  15. Ran full scan using /free Adaware. A virus was found. "Action Taken" says infected. What does thiss mean? Is the virus removed? How to remove? Yhank you.
  16. You shouldn't download adaware antivirus from that link, it's old (version 11). Here is version 12:
  17. finally i keep adaware as antivirus & roguekiller/comodo as antispywares, i don't want to uninstall ad-aware finally if ad-aware is uninstalled by adsfix/shortcut_module by sosvirus, i go to reinstall adaware application with that official link below: for the bug/adwares in comodo virtual desktops i use/install comodo geekbuddy chat/remote 24/7 assistance we continue here the troubleshoot with internet
  18. To uninstall adaware antivirus use the Removal Tool: If you've problems with aswmbr you've to contact Avast. If you've problems with comodo sandbox you've to contact Comodo. Sandboxes are useful since infections in them don't spread to the Windows installation, you only need to delete or restart the sandbox to get rid of the infections.
  19. Hi all, we can't scan with aswmbr, it's causes a bsod at safe & normal modes, on all computers, i try as administrator the bsod of aswmbr persists, only the frst is enough: hi all, i need to uninstall ad-aware, and i have bugs & malwares installed on all my comodo virtual desktops: the containment & the secure shopping, which makes impossibility to make online shopping bugs & malwares in the infected virtual desktop of containment (comodo sandbox)--: -reimage -yara editor trial -diffview trial -techtoolstore->privazer -tuneup360 -audio/video to exe -registry first aid -smart privacy cleaner -if/when i try again to reinstall the virtual desktop of comodo sandbox: impossible->error of installation of microsoft siverlight and the bugs & infections installed in the virtual desktop of comodo secure shopping: -pchelpsoft pc cleaner -spyhunter -radiorage en page d'accueil -systools pdf bates numberer -wondershare 1-click pc care internet problem on galaxy book pc, the icon of livebox wifi displays connected/connexion ok, but if i come on/go to various internet browsers i have error of connexion at every web sites and i had the mentionned sd/usb/ipod/android/windows bugs, memu's problem (because we installed malicious android apps on memu android emulator on my windows) & the bug of Acer R1 Series display device before installed thèses antivirus mentionned the bugs/malwares in emulators/virtual desktops such as comodo secure shopping/sandbox/containment & memu android emulator makes more all frustrations Thanks... Addition.txt FRST.txt
  20. Hi, This is a forum dedicated to help users having problems with Adaware antivirus and some other products from Adaware software in computers with Windows. I can't see that you have such problems. Sorry, but you have to ask for help in other forums. You should have only one antivirus program, having several usually leads to various problems.
  21. hi all, i'm noa (achinoam nini) singer & nathalie mansencal (born tulissi, 41 YEARS old cousin of datwin-bordo), we have disapoint bugs on all sd/usb accessories & machines: and we coming here and call the lavasoft forum because: we are new in the forum of antivirus, if i import videos with camtasia the application freeze, it causes i can't produce and upload in youtube with camtasia in MEmu android emulator on pc a notification "MEmu (rocket cleaner) 99.0 mb" appears repetitively but rocket cleaner is malicious app installed on MEmu whichs causes hacking of Google accounts, the speed clean and G5 Gamebox malicious android apps on MEmu virtual android on windows more info here: En bref Dans MEmu tous ça à piraté le pc, camtasia freeze et comme on est français et sur forum antivirus multilingue the traduction i installed google translate: salut à tous., nous sommes nouveaux dans le forum des antivirus, si j'importe des vidéos avec camtasia, le freeze de l'application, ça fait que je ne peux pas produire et télécharger sur youtube avec camtasia dans l'émulateur Android MEmu sur PC, une notification "MEmu (Rocket Cleaner) 99,0 Mo" apparaît de manière répétitive mais Rocket Cleaner est une application malveillante installée sur MEmu, ce qui provoque le piratage des comptes Google, speed clean et G5 Gamebox malveillantes applications android sur MEmu virtual android sur windows Plus d'infos ici: my 5 MONth license of eset, Kaspersky, comodo & ad-aware signaled foistware & wannacryptor, like a 6 month trial of pc optimizer pro, & following malwares/bugs on sd/usb devices below, like: -bug on smartphones & iPod: --phone 1 Samsung: screen displays block on battery loading screen blocks in 0% OR 1% if plugged on usb --phone 2 huawei: freezes, crash on all android os, & bugs on mobizen --iPod: crash on multiple screen recording apps -wannacry -komodia -pc optimizer pro -wondershare tunesgo -64 GB SD: database error on camera sony -pc 2: compaq & his acer r1 series monitor: if i turn on monitor it's take 1 OR 3 hours to turn on screen, this latence have blinking slow black screen, acer & energystar logo & discrets whistling -privdog -and thèses apps ans bugs on the six disks below: Disk comodo rescue disk micro usb black: Boot error on grub of comodo bootable rescue disk + comodo cleaning essentials 64 installed Disk comodo rescue disk usb green: Boot error on grub of comodo bootable rescue disk + comodo cleaning essentials 64 installed Disk recovery system cyberlink power2go micro usb green: Error to create bootable with data of C:/ recovery' disk with cyberlink power2go ans Windows ADK + comodo cleaning essentials 64 installed Disk recovery system cyberlink power2go usb purple: Error to create bootable with data of C:/ recovery' disk with cyberlink power2go ans Windows ADK + comodo cleaning essentials 64 installed Disk ad aware rescue disk micro usb red: If i boot on it, the commandline of bootable os of adaware rescue disk blocks and freezes on X:\Windows\system32> + in explorer it appears into drive letter, but no free/used space description appears, if i open this disk i have error message Disk ad aware rescue disk usb magenta: If i boot on it, the commandline of bootable os of adaware rescue disk blocks and freezes on X:\Windows\system32> + comodo cleaning essentials 64 installed -& winzip disk Tools, bugs listed here persist on all of my two computers, excepted monitor acer r1 series only in the compaq pc, i used the & colors bbcodes here to separate the issues/devices/computers, into différents colors & with bold/without bold (eg: multicolor for ipod's bugs, & blue for wannacry, as reference to Eternal blue), for better understanding for moderators/helpers, Thanks..
  22. Hi Saurav, Have you used the Adaware Removal Tool that I linked to other posts above?
  23. I have not purchased this antivirus it automatically downloaded the free version in my pc and is not uninstalling even trying 100 times.This antivirus or should i say a virus .Please do something
  24. Hi ananızınamı, What has landed on your computer?
  25. both unintentionally landed on my computer and can not uninstall how much is it
  26. This worked. Thank you so much!
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