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  2. Disappointed that Adaware Pro did not stop this virus nor find it when I did a scan. IT pops up about every 11 minutes. See pic.
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  5. Hi again Randy, The antivirus program and the ad-blocking software are separate products. Both are available as free products. The antivirus program is also available as a paid premium program and the prizes are presented on its web site. Sometimes there are discounts but none here knows when that happens.
  6. Hello everyone, Adaware Antivirus 12 is an anti-virus as well as ad-blocking software. There are many applications on the market that perform the same functions as Adaware Antivirus 12. However, after doing some research it seems that Adaware Antivirus 12 is the application used by many people. Due to the nature of my work, I want to buy Adaware Antivirus 12 so that I can block all junk ads and protect my computer. Didn't know that Adaware Antivirus 12 has a discount for customers who buy its apps? Hope everyone can tell me. Thanks everyone.
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  8. Hi Dennis, Probably a developer that has made a mistake. If you don't like it, check if the same thing happens when you download the program from
  9. When offering an upgrade for my Adaware Antivirus Free from version to version (every time that I turn on my comp), why is the app's publisher shown as "unknown"? Is this genuinely safe? Should one consent?
  10. Hi again, Adaware antivirus is as safe as other antivirus programs. No antivirus program can protect you from everything, you need to be careful too and have backups and be able to reinstall Windows.
  11. Hello everyone, Currently, using a computer to download software on the network to the computer for use is an indispensable need. However, there are many applications with insecure links in cyberspace, which can cause your computer to become infected with viruses, and lose data. Hence the use of anti-virus applications is essential. I learned about and got to know Adaware. Not sure if the app is safe to use? Hope everyone let me know. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hi RandyPhillips, For Firefox: For Chrome and other compatible browsers using Chrome Web Store:
  13. Don't install adware or other types of malicious programs.
  14. Hello everyone, During my free time, I often go to Youtube to watch music videos, games, .. for entertainment. But nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements on Youtube. So I want to download a software that can help me block Youtube ads so that I will not be bothered while watching the video. I did a research and found that the Adaware Ad block software looked fine. So I want to ask everyone to show how to download such software. Thanks everyone.
  15. Thanks for your opinion, is there any solution to fix that situation?
  16. Thanks for your comment, it's very helpful.
  17. Hi again Eizadora, Please, explain what you mean. This topic is about Adaware antivirus version 11 and that is a very old version.
  18. I am facing activation could be activated please try again later.
  19. Hi Eizadora, Please note that the question is about adaware antivirus and not adware.
  20. The first warning of malicious Adware is the deterioration in your Computer's performance. Adware has a reputation of engaging resources and in turn, hurting performance and speed.
  21. Hi Eizadora, I guess that you can notice any differences yourself. But as I wrote back in 2018, users have different opinions and maybe more dislike an automatic update at Windows startup since it makes the startup slower.
  22. Hi RandyPhillips, Generally not, but maybe in your computer due to some rare condition. The only way to know is to compare with and without Adaware antivirus in your computer. E.g. using a VPN, that you maybe do, can slow down the internet connection speed.
  23. Hello everyone, Currently cybersecurity is a very sensitive issue. For people like me, going online is inevitable, so the risk of information disclosure and data theft is also very great. So I'm using Adaware software to somewhat limit that possibility. But I don't know if that software is making my computer slow? So I hope everyone can show me. Thanks everyone.
  24. I have Adware Total. Adware pc cleaner got deleted.  How do I download a new copy.


    1. CeciliaB


      Hi jyusko,

      I ain't familiar with PC Cleaner but it seems to be a part of Adaware Protect beta version and that program can be downloaded here:

      Since you've paid for Adaware Antivirus Total, you can reach the support team through the menus in Adaware antivirus.

  25. Hi LEL, How did you uninstall Web Companion?
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