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  2. I think that several antivirus companies have investigated your file, either you've uploaded it to them or they've received it from Virustotal, and updated their signatures to not detect the file.
  3. Thank you it must have been a virus total issue, my file is now clean on all anti virus. You may delete this thread thank you for the prompt response.
  4. Hi Karl, According to your link to Virustotal, Ad-Aware isn't detecting your file.
  5. Hi, I am the developer of the sbmmoff app found at Most other anti virus vendors have cleared my false positive detection. My app downloads and applies firewall rules. The app can be downloaded here: . Please white list my app on your anti virus. You can view the false positive here: Kind regards, Karl Bartle SBMMOFF.COM
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  7. Do you mean that you can't start CPanel, that it crashes, that Web Companion isn't in the list or that the uninstallation fails? Have you done 3 - 6 in the list in my previous post?
  8. It tried CPanel but it doesn't worked for me.
  9. Hi Eric, I can see that Bitdefender is the source of Gen:Variant.Razy.582623 and that means, when you inform Bitdefender of this false positive, they'll update their definitions and send that information to Adaware software.
  10. I am a hobbyist programmer. I maintain the program Mineways, which I started ten years ago. According to Virus Total, Ad-Aware and others are reporting: Gen:Variant.Razy.582623 for the file for_old_machines_Mineways32.exe that can be downloaded in this small ZIP: The code is open source and I have not added anything I think is sketchy, but of course I could be wrong. But, I believe this is a false positive. Either way, I would like to know why this is happening, so am reporting it. I do not have a log file for Ad-Aware, since I've run it through Virus Total - you can see the Virus Total results here. Thanks, Eric
  11. Have you tried CPanel? If yes then did it helped?
  12. Hi samandar, Please: Uninstall Web Companion from the list of installed programs in Windows, if it exists there. Restart the computer. Uninstall from the list of installed add-ons/extensions etc. in all browsers, if it exists there. Restart the browsers. If you still notice Web Companion in a browser, go through the settings of the browser and delete/disable/change everything that is related to Web Companion. Restart the browser.
  13. Hi Everyone! Can anyone from you guys tell me how can I uninstall Adaware web companion from my system. I want to remove it completely. What is the procedure of it? Waiting for suggestions.
  14. Hi CeciliaB Sorry for the late reply though I tried it as you said, and the issue is now resolved. Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi olivehippopotamus, Which antivirus program(s) did you have before the installation of Adaware antivirus? Maybe some left-overs disturb Adaware antivirus.
  16. Does anyone have a problem when running antivirus on windows 10. I install it and when I want to scan everything the icon from the taskbar disappears .. Does anyone have a problem when running antivirus on windows 10. I install it and when I want to scan everything the icon from the taskbar disappears ..
  17. Company Product was flagged as a Trojan Virus, and should not have been. Virus Detection from Virus Total: Trojan.GenericKDZ.78451
  18. Hello Community, I hope you are doing great. I recently faced an issue which I do not know how to fix. Here's my website xxx and someone inserted wrong ads in it. Can anyone suggest me how to fix and delete it. Please have a look at t and feel free to give your valuable suggestions. Thanking in advance. Regards,
  19. Hi again @mikeshome1, Have anything changed since January when the scan took a lot more than 12 hours? What's the size of the used part of the hard disk? Have you tested the hard disk with the test program of the manufacturer of the computer or hard disk?
  20. Hello I don't know if there's anything wrong with the scan . I decided to run a full scan as of this time as you can see it's been running for over 7 hours and only had less than half of my computer scanned it's telling me I have more than six hours left till has done it's a full scan and I started it manually I have never seen a program end up running for as long as it's doing is there something wrong with this or is it just weird it's not the first time it's done this every time I run a full scan it takes over 12 hours two complete I don't think it's supposed to do that can somebody please help me. This is the only antivirus I have in this computer. 80a11c700d04037cfe530a97439f0bb1 (1).mp4
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