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    Here's how I resolved the problem: After trying to get all the fixes to work, but getting nothing but errors, I went to Lavasoft folder and re-installed the program from there (they have an installer there), then removed the program again, re-configured my firefox settings (such as open closed tabs when re-opening firefox) and restarted computer. The Lavasoft folder is gone, the error message is gone, so I hope it worked. Lavasoft and it's staff are useless. The only one who deserves some recognition is CeciliaB, for trying to help people... and she's a volunteer. I hope I never have to come here again and I'll be sure to spread the word of this scummy company.
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    Hi Tariq, I'm not an expert of how to interpret the scan reports but it looks like that adaware antivirus doesn't find a file on the hard disk but a running process. Since it might be a false positive, I've moved your topic to that forum. Hopefully someone at adaware software has some time to look into your problem on Monday. @LS.Andy
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    Please let us be able to save adaware all settings to a file and then load it any time in adaware, so after reinstalling it or other reason which causes settings reset, will save us much time.
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    It just happened to me as well. Everything on the desktop is gone. Including the toolbar at the bottom of the screen with the start menu. Also there is no right click available. The only way I was able to even get to my browser is because it was already open and I had to hit ctrl/alt/del to open up the task manager and open it from there. *****UPDATE***** Restarted the computer and it all came back. Restart was really slow. Seems all good now.
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    Hello! Due to Virustotal report Adaware doesn't detect your file anymore.
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    Hello! Adaware's scanner found some suspicious activity in your system memory. The problem is that it couldn't be deleted or terminated because it is a part of some Process that was allowed to run by your system and all antiviruses. It can also be a part of Panda utilities. I can't find any anomalies except too working antivirus services and suspicious CCleaner64. CCleaner was compromised last year. First of all please send us binary file of CCleaner that is located here " C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe". Clean your %Temp% folder (C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp). So please try to uninstall all installed antivirus solutions (leave just license information). Uninstall all Utilities that were installed with Antivirus. Reboot your PC. After that you can try to reinstall AdAware and make a new scan.
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    Hi @Jack, It's possible that it's a false positive and then adaware antivirus will stop finding the threat when the definitions have been changed. Please follow the instructions in P.S. No problem with understanding what you wrote and if you don't understand what I've written (not my native language), please ask.
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    I have a constant spyware detection and quarantine of Win32.Trojandownloader.NewMedia & Win32. Trojandownloader.Zlob as well as Adware.Agent.Data Miner I get dummy explorer desktop icons and a desktop display change when it returns as well as Internet Explorer security setting changes with multiple error display boxes, hijack browser warnings and constant internet explorer pages opening.<