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    Adaware software is investigating your problem.
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    Maybe also set Definition File Settings to NOT update every hour but choose a longer time. I run scans from an unattended batch and include the following before a scan with auto-update defs OFF CALL "C:\Users\Eric\Documents\Batch Files\_AdAware_Version.bat" Y < batch to extract current AA version SET "_ACF=C:\Program Files\adaware\adaware antivirus\adaware antivirus\%AdAwareVer%" < ACF is AA file folder SET _Linex=%Time: =0% Ad-Aware Update Definitions < just used for onscreen log START "" /WAIT "%_ACF%\AdAwareCommandLine.exe" --updatedefs ECHO %_Linex% %Time: =0% < on screen log
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    Well thank you very much for your help but i just managed to fix the problem, the program is working properly now. I hadn't uninstall my old anti virus i guess it was creating a conflict between the two, as soon as i uninstalled my old anti virus i try opening the app again and its working. Thank you for your help though
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    While adaware was not installed properly, my computer had gotten infected with several viruses. I am pretty sure that is why after install Adaware would not start. I used Kaspersky rescue disk to scan and disinfect. This took 3 days -- eek. Anyway, after the Kaspersky disk finished, Adaware is running normally.
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    Hi Vetiver, This is the forum of adaware antivirus by adaware software (former Lavasoft), not the forum of AdwCleaner owned by Malwarebytes.
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    Hello, for me ok on the Second HDD with 1 TB take about 2 Hours the Full Scan after that i would suggest the Real Time Scanner set to smart. The next Scans will be much faster about 4 Minutes because he will scan Files only if Changed wil not slow really down the Security. Only a suggest. I have the Pro Version no Problems here.
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    To Whom It May Concern: I'm from Splitmedia Labs, Inc. (www.splitmedialabs.com), and two of our products, XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster (www.xsplit.com), respectively, are receiving several user reports depicting that CEFCOM.dll, is a trojan/malware called "Gen:Variant.Graftor.309766". However, the file, CEFCOM.dll, is not a trojan/malware, but a vital component for either products to function properly. If needed, you may download the file from the attachment for analysis, but we are asking for your assistance to mitigate the situation. Sincerely. CefCOM.zip
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    Hi SML-QA, Thanks for letting us know. We'll re-investigate and report back here. Regards, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
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    Yes indeed and I have to say I am beyond impressed. You arranged for 2nd level support to contact me and using a very effective version of 'LogMeIn" they were able to efficiently access & control my computer to resolve my problem. The truly extraordinary part of this is that, in spite of the fact that I had been using free versions of AdAware they spent over an hour working with me to diagnose & repair the problem. This is incredible and, of course, the very least I could do, and have done, is to upgrade to the paid version. The problem was apparently caused by "Window Installer" being interrupted while doing an un-install of one of my earlier versions of AdAware so it is hard to determine where to lay blame, however your support people have a couple of routines (supplied by MS I believe) that they used to go in and 'reset' the Installer. Once again, my many thanks to you, to Richard and the support team. Service like this is almost unheard of in this day and age.