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    Cecilia, thank you so much! In talking with others in dealing with my current issues with a Trojan virus, I have gotten some unfavorable feedback regarding Kaspersky, that it is not the best product for Antivirus. This makes me a little uncertain of its capabilities in holding back the bad guys. I am wondering if my system has somehow become compromised previously by there being some viruses that were not controlled in the past through Kaspersky, therefore my system is weak. With my system being vulnerable, I wonder if this latest Trojan had an easier time filtering in. I would actually feel better having AdAware on board as well; it was able to find the 4 infected files during a scan and Kaspersky was not. The software that it has shown up in (my design software) is my livelihood, and it is not a good thing to lose my ability to use it; when it disappears, it is a little unnerving! I will go ahead and uninstall AdAware and then upgrade my existing Kaspersky. I will then perform a Kaspersky scan, and then will incorporate AdAware back in as you suggested. Thank you for your assistance! Karla
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    Hi secondnature, If you can have adaware antivirus program and Kaspersky's antivirus program at the same time depends on if you installed adaware as a second line of defense without real-time protection (compatible mode), see the manual https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/compatible-install. In compatible mode adaware won't be running the whole time, but you can scan the computer with adaware. It's best to disable Kaspersky's antivirus while doing the scan since when adaware opens a file, Kaspersky's will be notified and also scan that file, which will prolong the scan time. It's also possible that Kaspersky's will believe that some temporary files created during the scan are malicious (they aren't that of course). I don't think that Kaspersky's antivirus will recognize adaware antivirus as a threat. I recommend that adaware is uninstalled before another antivirus program is installed (or doing a big upgrade) and installed again in compatible mode afterwards to minimize the risk of driver conflicts. Sorry, I don't know why Kaspersky requires that you do a manual upgrade, maybe there are too many large differences that it isn't possible to do an automatic upgrade. Did that answer your questions?