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    Hi Terri, I've sent a PM with a license key to you.
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    Hello! Do these steps first: Download FRST and save it to your desktop: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/farbar-recovery-scan-tool/ Disable any script blocker (disabling your antivirus protection should be enough), and then double click FRST file to run the tool. Read the disclaimer and click Yes to accept it. Click Scan button. When done, FRST will create two (2) logs: FRST.txt Addition.txt Attach those reports to your post.
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    Please take a look on this post . You can find instructions there.
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    Hi mEREjOY, Please see this topic: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/35079-problem-with-activation-of-paid-versions-of-adaware-antivirus-12/
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    Hi teddytim, There was a problem with the server sending out keys during the last days of January, but that has been solved. If you've a Gmail address, please use another email address if possible, since there is some kind of interaction problem between adaware's server and Google.
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    I try to get my free activation key but i never get my the activation key at all.....
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    I did not find the key in the spam folder. Please send the activation key or fix this issue so I may be able to get it.
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    Hi jamesgamer, Please log in to your web mail and check the spam folder. According to adaware software the problem with the key sending server solved, but the email is sorted as spam by many email providers.
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    Hey, i have tried to get an activations key but i havent get any yet. i have looked all over in my mail but no key.
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    Please bring back the option for users to directly download definitions manually to update our AdAware security software. Users used to have this option ... I even found the old link, which no longer works and has been taken down (http://download.lavasoft.com/public/defs.zip). This was a free, public site/database for all. After the recent 8-day failure for definitions to update due to server problems (in addition to other times this has happened) and issues with tech staff apparently not available over holidays, it's time to re-instate this public definitions link!! Thanks.
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    I keep trying to activate a V12 update to my existing Adaware. It says it's expired, so I have it re-send the activation key. I do that, and the process goes all the way to the boxes to plug the key into once it's arrived. That key never arrives, re-sent many times, even scanned my USP's raw incoming email box. NOT THERE. Not in spam or junk. - even though joining this group, and using the same email account to do that, resulted in immediate emails from you to me. Why can't I have a V12 free activation key?
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    So I got a new computer and I am trying to install adaware 12 free but when I click the get activation key it brings me to the webpage where it asks me to download it again. Can anyone email me a key directly or pm me one please
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    I am not recieving my activation key emails. I have tried two weeks straight, and two different email addresses, and no it is not in my junk email folders. Is there anything to do, or just find another program? What it seems like is that the request site is not working. Is anybody else having this issue? Chip
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    Is it just me or do others think that Lavasoft are making a big mistake in not fixing the activation issues for the Adaware free product. A simple Google search shows thousands of people have not been able to activate their Ad-aware product. Many forums are suggesting people change products. This seems dumb, unless we are seeing a sign of a deeper issue within Lavasoft. If a security company can't get simple processes correct, this could indicate a similar attitude towards the products they produce. Lavasoft - I'm sure you read these forum posts. Why can’t you fix the activation issue! Before you ask, NO, I am not going to send you a e-mail or screen shot of the problem. I am not going to ask you to manually activate my product. Why? ..... because in your responses to the same questions within the forums that is all you ever seem to ask. I like the product, and have used it from its early beginnings. I would really like to keep using it, but this issue puts users trust in the product into serious doubt. I hope you find this firm and honest post productive and Lavasoft fix the problem properly. Just so you understand. The situation is: Configuration is Windows 64 Ultimate Have tried activating the product almost weekly for over a month, so it cannot be an overloaded activation server. If it is, BUY new servers and take this seriously. Shut down firewall, and no other security products turned on Email has been received several times from Lavasoft with the same code. This is cut and pasted into the activation form, but get an error message about Activation failing showing in red font. Never had an issue in the past with the same build There are no other issue on the build