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  1. To whom it may concern. My Name is Ellad Kushnir, Marketing manager at Perion. We've had issues of false positive markings in the past and it seems that our setup file is being marked by Ad-Aware, this is a False -Positive mark. SweetIM is a leading expressive content IM add-on, with over 170 million users. It has been acquired by *Perion Network Ltd* (NASDAQ:PERI www.perion.com<http://www.perion.com>), which develops consumer applications that make the everyday life of our simple, safe and enjoyable. Among our brands are Smilebox, the MyStart homepage and the popular IncrediMail email client. We are a trusted search partner of Google for the last 6 years, a BING search partner, TRUST-e certified application (verify here: http://clicktoverify.truste.com/pvr.php?page=validate&softwareProgramId=139&sealid=112 ). We are white listed with many of the major antivirus companies such as AVG and Symantec, and we are McAfee Secure. Our product is in the top downloads sites for many years. We found that our installer software is being flagged by your antivirus as suspicious software. This is the file in question: Download URL http://cdn.download.sweetpacks.com/simsdm/bundle/bundlesweetimsetup.exe File Name: bundlesweetimsetup.exe Please remove us from this alert. This is hurting our users and partners, and needless to say has a negative effect on our business. Please let me know if there is anything you need or if there is anything that we can help with in order to close this issue. If you require more information please reply to [email protected] or via phone +972-3-7696100 ext. 241 Thanks.