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  1. Just got an email response to my formal 'service-ticket' ... Thank you for contacting Lavasoft customer service team. Please kindly be advised to update your Ad-Aware to its newest version 11. Without uninstalling Ad-Aware, click on the link below to download Ad-Aware 11. The installer will automatically overwrite the current version that is installed on your computer. Once you have downloaded Ad-Aware 11, you MUST restart your computer in order for all the features to be installed correctly. If you do not restart your computer, you will encounter some conflicts and issues with the software at the next start-up. Should you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-448-6881 or reply to this email. Kind Regards, Vic - Lavasoft Support I followed the instructions and was sure to immediately restart my computer after installation of the new version of "11" and all appears to have gone well A-OK!
  2. Just got the notification that I should get a free update. I get taken to a Lavasoft page that has a green "Free Update" link on the page. The link takes me to a CNET download page where it tells me I'll update to the free version 11.1.5152.0 and that I have to pay $27 to get the Pro version. Well, I've already paid for the Pro Security version up until 2015-07-25 and I already have its version 11.1.5354.0 It looks to me like the page link is going to the wrong upload page. Has anyone else had the same problem? I've attached a JPG showing the two screens I've described, with some red overlaid comments.
  3. Here's the link to an interesting item from Google which indicates that there are no malware problems associated with
  4. Our town's library camera club website operator has given me what he calls the "direct" address of ... It has a single "static IP address", as opposed to a "dynamic DNS domain" like you described. Please tell me if you consider that "static IP address" as "safe". When I access the camera club website through it, I don't see any security warning from Ad-Aware.
  5. I'm getting a false positive from and from which is a sub-directory of the main domain. Its an "educational" domain and the website of our town's library camera club.