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  1. it doesnt work, when I start the download and the install a window appears saying that I have the latest version. Any thoughts on this?>
  2. Hi! i have always been a fan of your guys' software. But right now im faced with a problem. I need to uninstall a few programs on my computer, but my Ad-Aware program doesnt appear in my installed program's list! I dont want to go around deleting files, so I come to you guys for help. I will install again right after I get my computer back, but I would really appreciate you guidance in this problem of mine I have Windows 7 64bit. My Ad-Aware version is One more thing, the only thing that shows in my list is Adaware Browser protection, I uninstalled that, but with no effect, as after I started my computer and getting the latest Adaware update, the browsing protection was back. I appreaciate your help in advance. Julian.