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  1. But Why? You write at 12 June 2013: "This detection is a false positive and will be removed from detection as of an update to be released later today." not removed? Sorry for my english...
  2. Thanks for the answer. I don't know why some antiviruses consider my program harmful. But the majority of antiviruses don't consider. Including Kaspersky antivirus, Dr.Web, Microsoft SE, HOD32. I will write false positive report to McAfee too. This is my own program writen on VB6 and this is a games. I am not write viruses or trojans.
  3. Help me, please. Sorry for my english. GameCoffer is my own application. I am programmer and owner. No trojan in it. This is games and not nothing else. This game sited at this link: Users of GameCoffer send to me false positive report. Please, remove it from database of trojans!!! Sergey Rogatkin.