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  1. Hello everybody, Could anybody remain me where I can find the history of Ad-Aware, where the software reports its actions ? A few weeks ago I took the habit to use Clover, a nice program that allows to group all Windows explorer instances in a same window, giving a more tidy screen to browse the file system. It ran very well during a few weeks, until it appeared many safety programs do not appreciate a lot the fact of modifying the way explorer runs. Clover sometimes displays a message telling that TabHelper32.dll must be authorized as an add-on of Internet Explorer. Well I had many safety programs installed, but now I think I can say there are only Ad-Aware, and Online Armor Free. Online Armor had a rule that blocked Clover, I corrected it yesterday night, its history shows nothing more about clover. By the way, in the forums interface I saw it was proposed to "follow" a thread. How is that done ? Checking the box does not seem to be enough.
  2. Hello, I do not know whether this is the good place to tell it, but I just discovered how to get the title bar of the AdAware form (which is useful as it contains a button to minimize the form, and another to close it, as generally speaking on Windows applications), that is not visible by default. You just have to double click at the top of the form. I have few tendency to do that, as I use the Microsoft Office bar, that displays at the border of the screen when you approach the mouse cursor, and disappears when you get it away. So, I used the other way to get out of that : depressing the Windows key (I have to do it three times because I use the remanent keys -not sure of the translation : you press shift, and with the same finger you can then depress the letter you want to capitalize ...) These considerations interest people with screen resolutions of 600 height. The first time I was looking for the french forums I got a 404 error. It seems they now exist ... Well, shall see ...
  3. Hello, Would you admit a user to comment ? 1/ I have to admit I should not have thought to that. When the window is closed, it can sometimes be a fear (is it really just minimized, or did I accidentally close the program ?) But it is right that some users may have different reactions. 2/ Oh yes. I once saw a 3G key that needed a very large screen configuration to install, to display forms where there was practically nothing written but a few words at the top and two buttons at the bottom, whereas a 3G key, from my point of view, is typically an equipment you install on a laptop, preferably a little one. The screens of AdAware display a lot more information, making it difficult to imagine how you can manage that on a more little screen. Maybe one or two tabs more can be a solution, as an anti-virus also is needed on a laptop you use to browse in different places. For the time being, I see that information properly, on a 1024x600 resolution that was proposed with the less expansive laptop. But I know that with the time my view will become less effective. This can be a reason to discourage the use of a full graphic display, even if it is a lot more beautiful, as it does not allow the use of adaptation hardware for people with specific needs, to read the text. If a focus has to be placed on aesthetic, perhaps a few things can be optional to adapt to these considerations.
  4. Hello, Reading this seems a good occasion to alert that I am french and after two minutes of displaying in French, I went back to English for safety reasons. Just below the choice of the language, I see "Minimize button action", that is translated as if the topic was to reduce the action button, whereas in fact it is to set what the action of the minimize button is. In this case it is somewhat obvious, at least that there is a problem with what is displayed, but in some other circumstances, doors may be quite opened to viruses because of a bad understanding. You cannot ask an interpreter to receive a table of messages and translate in the table, otherwise it gives this sort of results. A translation must always be contextual, meaning that the interpret must have access to the interface he/she is translating, and take the time to do it just the time to verify that the texts that appear really fit the situation. You have texts that appear on the form, tooltips, not to speak of help files, and some of those are context dependant, implying that the interpret must receive a sufficient information about what needs to be modified to get the different texts appear.
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    Well, I didi that, and it worked properly. Except perhaps that AdAware only loads at the very very end of the session start. Of course, until there, the Windows alert about danger concerning the absence of antivirus is displayed. It disappears either at the appearance of the AdAware icon, or a little before. Anyway, since I had a "direct connection" with my current ISP, I took the habit to connect the ethernet wire only when the firewall and the antivirus are started. This was an occasion to develop a few softwares, for instance to synchronize the clock when Internet is connected rather than when Windows is started, as is the case by default.
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    Hello Cecilia, Well I am going to do that. I thought it was better from a security point of view to permanently have an antivirus active, this is why I proceeded in two steps. Thank you for your answer.
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    Missing icon

    Hello everybody, My problem is that the AdAware icon does not appear spontaneously any more in the notification area at the session start. This is the context : Windows XP Home SP3, screen resolution 1024 x 600 AdAware I installed it two days ago in compatibility mode, then disinstalled the two previous antiviruses that it detected, and then activated the real time protection. It ran jolly good yesterday, except it prevented an application to run. After I corrected the settings, the controlled application ran OK, but the AdAware icon does not appear spontaneously any more in the notification area, it only appears after I double click on the AdAware icon on the desktop, and I wait a minute or two. The selected options are Real-Time Protection and Safe Browsing. Reinstall the software changed nothing. The machine run registry includes this : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ad-Aware Browsing Protection\adawarebp.exe (oops, a program in Application Data ?) The desktop shortcut launches this : "C:\Program Files\Ad-Aware Antivirus\AdAwareLauncher.exe" It does get the icon appear in the notification area, but then the settings form is displayed full screen, I have to close it manually. By the way I do not have the three system buttons on it, I have to depress the Windows key twice and use the contextual menu of AdAware in the task bar down the screen. Or I also can depress Alt F4. Do you advise me to copy last shortcut to the startup folder ? Then how do I avoid the settings form to be opened ? Or else what ? I have to precise that following software is also opened with the session : Online Armor Free IOBit Malware Fighter 2.0 IOBit Advanced SystemCare 6.2 Free Spybot S & D scanner service (that I presume becomes doublon) Other security softwares are also installed, but they are not launched if my memory is OK.