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  1. File name is in the title of the thread. Location.. Who knows! I keep hitting the delete button and the window turns green telling me all is well. Then when I redo the scan, the file pops up again with this horrible red window that keeps reminding me that there's a threat the software can't erase... Is there nothing to do?
  2. It has turned up in the quarantine list. I deleted it and the scan finds it again. It is more than an annoyance to see the red screen warning me about a threat that it can't get rid of. After I deleted it a first time from the quarantine list, it was never added to it again. I do not feel comfortable seeing a perpetual red warning.
  3. Just when I was ready to buy the software, a threat called "Joke.IM.Sherar. A" pops up. No matter how many times I hit "delete", the full scan picks it up. What can I do? I am on Win 7 64bit, explorer browser, Ad Aware Pro 10.5