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  1. Powerbasic is available here: It would not be legal for me to send ist. I can send you a Download-Link and a keyfile for the "Smart Package Robot" Automatioon System, but this is only possible with Mail.
  2. This file is just compiled with Powerbasic. Otherfiles are compiled and packed with UPX or the Bitsum Runtime Packer.
  3. I attach one of the files ... this files receives 11/55 from VT, see picture. Its not a virus, as well as the others are not,. These files are results from the Powerbasic-Compiler or from the WinRobots/Smart Package Robot Compiler / UPX-Packer or from the Bitsum Packer. If you have questions or your developer have questions you can reach me via mail or other contact data. regsvrhelper.rar
  4. Ok. just got another one. This time i have completely deaktivated the AV to be able to recreate (recompile) the script. Again the same effect, the AV prevents windows from creating a file with that name as long as it is running. Unless i completely stop the AV, or reboot the computer. (Picture 2) In this case its not enought ot stop the real-time protection - as i did yesterday - but it was necessary to completely deactivate the AV.
  5. Ok, here is the second Part of the Archive with the 322 false positives. There may be a few real "cookis" in there. But i do not expect real viruses. If so i would like to know. Quarantine.part2.rar
  6. Yes i did. Here is a picture of my quarantine folder. I bet its all false positives. Its 322 files and 16.5 MB Let me see if i can attach them. Even though i have deactivated the AV WinRar was not able to touch all of the quarantained files see attached error msg. I will split the whole bunch of files in two parts: Part 1 in this post, part 2 in teh next. Use WinRar to get them together. Quarantine.part1.rar
  7. Thanks for your caution. My e-mail is publicly available also on my web-site (, in facebook .. therefore anybody can use it. I can't say that i get lots of Spam until now. Besides ... just realized that while you can open these attachments, i thing other people can't. At least i can't. Therefore the problem is even smaller.
  8. Very interesting ...ok. Where did you say are all the Quarantined Files ? I have the version ... see picture. From what you say, i suspect that in teh process when the "Signtool.exe" adds the certificate, for a moment maybe a invalid combination may have been there, I really miss that "Send a false positive to Lavasoft" button in the Program. Ok, I will send you a lot of these files, just tell me where they are located, then i zip them and upload them. This would be good so you can make things a bit more bulletproof. In case i have also some larger files that are setup-files, how could i send them to you (Dropbox or something ?)?
  9. The Product is "Ad-Aware" FreeAntivirus The file - in m,y case - is detected from the realtime protection engine. I have a Script, that does the following: When the PowerBasic Compiler is ready compiling, then the UPX will be applied, after that automatically "signtool.exe" is called to add the certificate. In that last Moment i got a Window (green window) "Thread detected". The the file is gone ... and not only the file is gone, but its not more possible to create such a file until the computer is restarted, Eben renaming a file that has another name to "this name" does not work. Now taking a peek into the "Quarantined files" there is a long list of false positives ... he eat a lot of programms ... let me add that i can not move the first column "Threat" and make it bigger. Therefore i can only read "Ge.Trjoan.Hezr.FU ..:" Rest missing. How many false positive do you want? I think i have a lot ... (See attached picture) PS: Just thinking if i tell him to completely exclude the Powerbasic Folder from Scannning, but thats a problem during Backup.
  10. As a Software developer i was just wondering, how fast your Tool kills my development tasks :-) Especially files created with PowerBasic and then UPX'ed will often be flagged as a Virus. i have now started to add a certificate to automatically compiled files (Compile with Powerbaisc 10). A certificate shall proof that the Software is authentic from a developer, and a Anti-Virus Heuristics should better not eat it unless this is a known virus. Which it can not be if it comes from me. I have now deactivated the Antivirus because it will not let me work. I am uploading you one of the files that it reports false positive. Interesting point, after "removing the file", it was not possible to compile the file again with the same name at the same location. No file with this name could be created until the computer was restarted. WHY is that? Attached ONE of the false positives, for my customers i need to create several. Therefore it would be good if you check for my certificate and then not eat it.
  11. Thanks for your confirmaton, for a moment i thought i could have been hacked ... these tricks get any time more intelligent.
  12. ok, so you confirm that the "Shalom Steve" Mail ws from Lavasoft, and also the offer that followed later? That looked all a bit strange to me.
  13. Der Unterschied zwischen WEB-Companion und der Pro-Version ist derzeit für mich nicht ersichtlich. Wegen der Virus Meldungen beim Installieren der ersten Version, bin ich allerdings etwas erschreckt ... und hoffe ich hab wirklich da Richtige installier. Und bin nicht irgendeinem Schwindel aufgesessen.
  14. Installiert wurde dieses Software.