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  1. The Shop & Bank stuff is blocking this site. I could access it fine a couple days ago. It's the wiki (and forum) for a game called Kingdom of Loathing, and the site I frequent to find out info on various game necessities.
  2. Okay, thank you for the information. I will relay it to my friend. I'm glad to know Freefall is all right. That was bugging me.
  3. I have never had any problem with the Freefall webcomic and I cannot see how there could possibly be any sort of phishing attempt from a site that displays only a webcomic and no ads, hardly any links, and no need for logging in to anything. So I'm assuming that is a false positive. Because your service is blocking various sites that I trust, I feel I have reason to question its blocking of sites I've never been to, but I don't want to just turn it off and risk it. So here's the one I was just trying to access: - a link given by a friend who runs a Minecraft server. It's a site where I have to sign up if I want to access the server to be able to build anything. Is there something on that site that is meant to steal my information? Have they been infected? Or is this just another false positive? Thank you for checking these out. I look forward to being able to read one of my favorite webcomics again without having to turn off your software.