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  1. The URL linked in my original post was, that our user reported to us: http://daemon.indapass.hu/http/session_request?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.index.hu%2FArticle%2FshowArticle%3Ft%3D9029418%26la%3D104273441&partner_id=forum Try this URL: http://forum.index.hu/Article/showArticle?t=9018292&la=127402630 Or this: http://indafoto.hu/simleder/image/19641159-83ae4033/gyujtemeny/3301 Or maybe this: http://index.indavideo.hu/video/A_lakitelki_szamtechszakkortol_a_Nasdaqig Every URL is a content URL, and all of them are redirected through daemon.indapass.hu (try it in Safari, Safari displays the 302 redirects in the URL bar) Our user reported that every topic on forum.index.hu is blocked. Should i ask for versions by him?
  2. Indapass.hu is the hungarian single-sign-on system of the largest social sites in Hungary (blog.hu, indafoto.hu, indavideo.hu, indamail.hu, forum.index.hu etc). Because we operate on different domains, we check our users loggedin status by redirecting every pageview through daemon.indapass.hu. That subdomain was detected by Ad-Aware as malicious - and it is a false positive. The daemons subdomain is totally harmless but its needed for tens of millions of pageviews per day. Here is the error message: And here is a typical URL: http://daemon.indapass.hu/http/session_request?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.index.hu%2FArticle%2FshowArticle%3Ft%3D9029418%26la%3D104273441&partner_id=forum Please reexamine the URL and put it on the whitelist. Questions are welcome, thank you in advance.