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  1. Thanks Ann and Cecilia, it is working fine now. By the way, I don't mind the GUI, though the ability to size the window (and therefore not need scroll bars) would be nice.
  2. Yes, a message that MalwareBytes is installed. This has been on at some time in the past to fix a particular issue but isn't now (as far as I know). I'll clean the registry. Do you know how you are detecting this ? Is it from the registry or are you looking for a certain .exe file ?
  3. AdAware 10.5 uninstalled, then I got the message about detecting incompatible software. I allowed a 2nd line install (big blue button - there were no other options). Now Windows Security Center says: Virus Protection is Off - "Ad-Aware Antivirus reports that it is turned off" Ad-Aware says "Real-Time Protection OFF"
  4. I get the issue about "detecting an incompatible software" when trying to upgrade from AdAware 10 to 11. I don't believe I have any other anti-virus, certainly nothing actually running. Why can't you just tell us what "incompatible software" has been detected ? Is that a lot to ask ? Or do Lavasoft just prefer to make things difficult for end-users ? I don't want a 2nd line only install, I want what I had under the previous release. How do I find out what incompatible software you think I am running ? How do I force a proper install ?