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  1. 1. I'm not sure what you mean - leave what problems to Lavasoft? I thought this was a support forum? 2. How is it that I had components from Version 9 on my system when I never installed any version of Ad-Aware before 10.5?
  2. Version 9? I have never installed anything related to Ad-Aware before last Friday, version 10 or 10.5, whatever it was, then the 2 installs of 11 this past week... 1. I got the following message after the first entry: [sC] Control Service Failed 1062: The Service Has Not Been Started 2. As for Winpatrol, the following are in startup: AdAware Tray (2 instances, which I don't understand) AW Service AW Security Center AW Desktop AW Command Line 3. I run MS EMET, as well - AWTray and Service are listed, but since EMET is opt-in, EMET is not monitoring them.
  3. I have attached the log and systems zip files... I simply can't find the Msi temp file(s) anywhere, I have tried most of this afternoon to find them - maybe they were deleted when I ran my weekly scans on Friday, including temp file clean up. Where else should I look?
  4. BTW, why is this marked solved? This isn't solved by a long shot...
  5. Yes, the scanners work with each other because they are not realtime, nor are they resident. They are second opinion scanners, like Hitman Pro. My realtime set up is in layers, I use Microsoft's EMET and WinPatrol as the additional realtime security, neither of which will interfere with Ad-Aware because they are not A/V or A/M software. In the meantime, there was another update of a new version about 1.5 hours ago. How often is there a version update? That is 2 just this week. Is this normal, multiple new versions in a week? Good Lord, it took 30+ minutes to download and install, again, taking over my entire system. I really have to rethink this if there are this many new versions on a constant and continuous basis. This entire process is so incredibly invasive and complex - nothing else I use is like this, it's been this way all week. The loss of productivity is nothing I've ever encountered before, just for a simple A/V program. This isn't a billion dollar SAP or Oracle implementation.
  6. Cecilia, I have some other things to do today, will get to the logs sometime later today. That said, would it be easier to just uninstall everything and download 11 again.? I assume there is an uninstaller? As for the third day nag, this makes no sense. Ad-Aware tells me it checks every hour for new definitions - if your software is effective, given the hourly check on definitions, it should catch everything in realtime, as such. I run my realtime A/V (now Ad-Aware) every Friday, along with the other on-demand scanners (not realtime, on-demand). Please let me know...
  7. I'm not even sure where to start because I have so many issues with Ad-Aware 11. I installed Ad-Aware (V 10.5) for the very first time exactly a week ago, having run Microsoft Security Essentials for years. I got rid of MSE because of the on-going download issues, getting worse with every MS update. After reading a number of reviews, I decided to try Ad-Aware, recent reviews seemed to bear out that you are now a topflight A/V again, or so I thought. I installed Ad-Aware Free. 10.5 seemed to be just what I was looking, light, unobtrusive, didn't freeze my system, and with the exception of trying to get a key, it went smoothly. Then the notice to upgrade to V11 sometime earlier this week. I have had nothing but problems and I'm not sure how to move forward: 1. When I boot up now, this has been going on since the upgrade, "service is unavailable", the little icon just spins and spins - it takes about 30 minutes for the service (whatever that "service" is) to connect such that the tray icon will turn orange, rather than completey grayed out. During this 30 minutes of searching, Ad-Aware completely freezes my entire system - can't get anything done, nothing will load during this time. In addition to this maddening process, I get constant nagging, as follows: 2. My "computer is at risk" - this is from you, not from Microsoft's Security Center - it nags me to run a scan every single morning. Today is typical - it has been 43 minutes since the "quick" scan started as of this writing, it is not yet completed, and it has slowed my system to a crawl, it even freezes my mouse and keyboard. I am very very upset at this turn of events. I don't want to run a scan every day, it's not your call how I should manage my system or my time - I have a process that I go through every week, not every day - your scanning forces me to stop working for a solid 80- 90 minutes first thing in the morning. Since I bill my clients by the hour, who is going to pay for this? I have never been exposed to a piece of software that was so unbelievably difficult to deal with, never. BTW, my "quick" scan this morning took 47+ minutes, it has just now completed - this is unacceptable, considering the 2 scans I did using v10.5 took 20 minutes or less, one of them was the initial scan after installation. What is the solution to all this? is there a way to downgrade to v10.5? Thanks so much...