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  1. about small laptop users.................... here's a suggestion, why not issue the "new sleek" interface for small laptops / tablets /phones. and the far superior (imho) 10.5 interface for everything else ? there are so many device types out there now, it is difficult to come up with a "one size fits all" product. would it not be easier to have two versions ? 1. for lower powered phones, tablets, "small / older" laptops etc, with version 11 GUI, how about a name like "adaware reslite" (resource light) 2. for the multicore desktops and laptops, with "all" configuration options available to the user, with 10.5 GUI. as a desktop / laptop user, I vote for # 2 obviously. I know we get used to things over time, but this new interface is just horrible (imho). It's plain, bland, and boring, and whats with the colour blue, what does that mean......sad ? the 10.5 interface was so logical, with it's use of red, orange, green, it's the international traffic light standard, it makes perfect sense. red = danger, orange/yellow = caution, and green = safe / go when I saw blue for safe, I wondered what was going to be the colour for danger.... black ? pink ? aquamarine ? brown ? on to another point, with total security 10.5, pc-tuneup was included. with version 11 it is not listed, but the price has gone up ! so it's more expensive for less product ? I know we are all different, and..... like Marmite/vegimite, some love it and some hate it, but with this interface, on a multicore machine, to me it's just bland, boring and makes no sense at all.