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  1. Hey everybody, I just downloaded from Softpedia, quickly and with out errors. The problem is most likely CNET tring to install an new browser or home page. Never trust CNET, the worst download server on the net, or at least the one with the most bloatware.
  2. LS Ann. I initially installed ver. 11 from CNET. It failed to install, and gave an incompatibility error. It also attempted to download a new browser and change my home page, which I have locked down so that CNET can't do that. They are the worst download site on the net. I went to Softpedia and downloaded from the US server and the program installed quickly and without a problem. Please don't use CNET in the furture. I hope that you have eliminated the nag screen that was in ver 10, trying to get me to down load a bunch of bloat ware. Not all of us are nubies. Thanks Yogidaddy.