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    Service Unavailable

    Hi After having tried to to do the uninstall of the gfibto file once more it Ad Aware 11 seems to be running okay. ​So, thanks for all your help. Should I need assistance again some time in the future, I'll be sure to consult you.
  2. puc79

    Service Unavailable

    Hey I've uninstalled the gfibto file and rebooted twice but it is still there. Steam updated after the reboot so that may be why. Also, I can't find a gfiark file. Attached is a screen shot of the non-plug and play drivers non-plug+play drivers.bmp
  3. puc79

    Service Unavailable

    Attached is the picture you asked for. I click get an activation key here and it sends me to the web site. I haven't got any other antivirus program installed, except from what is included in Win7 (defender/firewall) Screen shot fail.bmp
  4. puc79

    Service Unavailable

    Hey CeciliaB Ad-Aware 10 was uninstalled automatically by version 11 installation program, but I have uninstalled Ad-Aware 11 manually to try to see if I could get it working myself. Yes, but I figured that since the license key had an expiry date the client doesn't regard Ad-Aware as registered. When I click renew next to the license key, a window pops up where you can enter a new key. As I never got one during the installation of Ad-Aware 11, I clicked the option called something like How to get a key. This is when I got sent to the Operation Failed message on your web site. There is nothing on that site for me to click - just a white background with nothing but that message. The only reason I know it's the Lavasoft site is because it says so in the address field. I'm unable to provide you with the precise address as I can't access account setting (or anything else) in the Ad-Aware 11 client, as you can see from the attached screen shot. Also attached are zip of the whole folder C:\Program Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 11 you requested. Regards puc79 Screen shot.bmp Ad-Aware 11.zip
  5. puc79

    Service Unavailable

    Hey CeciliaB I have collected and attached the requested files/logs. I hope these are what you need. Regards puc79 Logs.zip MSIf2c41.zip sysinfo.zip
  6. puc79

    Service Unavailable

    Hey I have been running ad aware free versions for a while now and updated them as new versions have become available. I did so from v10 to v11 the other day. This is where my problems started. After updating the program ran fine for the first day. But after this, whenever I open the client, there is a black bar across the client saying service unavailable. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall a few times but it does make any difference. At the end of the installation process, it asks that you register when prompted. This never happens and the client I install says it has registration that will run out sometime in December. Also I am never asked to enter an e-mail address so I don't know how to get a permanent key because the link to get a key is broken (when I press get a key chrome opens to your web site where all I get is a message like action failed). Have I done something wrong? I look forward to your response and hope to be able to resume your otherwise product. Regards puc79