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  1. No there is nothing there - looking at the log it seems it disinfected the file which I assume is the same as deleting it, not quarantining it. There should be an easy way of undoing anything Adaware does. We as users rely on Lavasofts expertise to protect us, yet I have lost all my business emails for the last two weeks since my last email backup. <?xml version="1.0"?> -<Summary><ScanInfo EndTime="20131030T144409.558198" StartTime="20131030T132948.558198" ScanType="Full" ScanMode="Manual"/>-<InfectedObjects><InfectedObject ThreatName="Trojan.GenericKD.1367345" ThreatType="Virus" ObjectStatus="Deleted" InnerObject="" ParentContainers="" ObjectPath="C:\Users\Andy\Documents\Outlook Files\My Outlook Data File.pst" ObjectType="File"/></InfectedObjects></Summary>
  2. I ran AdAware 11 Pro scan and it claimed I had a virus, so promptly deleted my entire Outlook.pst folder/file. I can now not start Outlook as it cannot fine the file. I can find no way to recover this file. I phoned AdAware and the technician says I must buy another program to get my file back. NO WAY this is extortion. How do I get this file and my emails back? Why does AdAware not have an undo function?