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  1. Yes, but the only options are "allow" or "deny." I want to be asked whether a program should have internet access and click a button to set up a rule to that effect when the program tries to gain access. Zone Alarm does this by creating a popup window that indicates that that a porogram wants to access the interet and asking what action (allow or deny) I want to take. Ad-Aware 10 apparently also had this Why later when it was already in Ad-Aware 10??!! Why was it taken out? And how much "later" are we talking about??
  2. The options for the default action are only "allow" or "deny" NOT "ask." I want the functionality that Ad-Aware 10 had to ask if I want to allow a program to access the internet when the program tries to do so. If this functionality still exists, please direct me to how to set that up.
  3. What happened to the ability to set the advanced firewall/ network protection for "all other applications" to ask in the paid version? I can set rules for individual programs, but cannot set them for everything and then apply rules as the opportunity arises. I just got off the phone with tech support and was told this feature was removed from Ad-Aware 11! Seriously??? The people in charge of the update decided it was more efficient for me to have to type in information on each and every program then to push a button marked "block" or "allow" and make a rule on the fly??? Unbelievable!! What are you guys using for brains? Do you really think people have that much time on their hands that they have time to build a rule for every peice of software on their marchine, or that they install, that they want to limit internet acces for?? The lame excuse I was given for the change was that the popups asking for access bothered some people. So tell people how to set "all other applications" to allow! Duh! There is no reason to dumb down the program for everyone else. Or was this just the best the tech support guy could come up with to explain a REALLY STUPID decision? I talked my father into switching from AVG to Ad-Aware because Ad_aware had this feature - like AVG does. Now he will probably cancel and switch back. I'm sure as heck not upgrading. And if it doesn't get fixed, I will be leaving Ad-Aware behind as well.