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  1. I am the father that SV Diomedea "talked into" buying Ad-Aware v 11. She recommended that I join this group, but not before I had posted the message below to Tech Support Guy forum. I used Zone Alarm for years and especially liked the feature that every time something new was installed or upgraded, Zone Alarm asked permission to allow it to access the web. Many times I'd be presented with sub-processes that I hadn't known were there. Message to Tech Guy Forum: "I don't think anything can be done about this problem, but I am writing to give it publicity because it may affect the decision of any who are considering Ad-Aware Antivirus. I did at the recommendation of my knowledgeable daughter to said that the firewall section was just like old Zone Alarm which, when first installed, would present the credentials of any program attempting to use the internet for block, temp allow, or permanent allow. She has version 10. I got version 11. It still has the firewall but rather than do the job as described above one has to /know/ that something is trying to use the internet (how?) and enter its process manually. This is without a doubt the most egregious removal of value in my experience. I am thinking strongly of demanding my money back, but meanwhile, is there any alternative software that actually does the job described?" I'll wait a bit to see if you have any reasons I should not take this action.