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  1. The repair function fixed the problem, thanks so much!
  2. Replying to this topic because I'm having the same issue with definitions. Suggested fixes had no effect - IE was already set correctly as was FireFox, and nothing to write down. - Ad-Aware has mostly been successful but has occasionally had problems with updates before, usually fixing itself, but not always. - I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled Ad-Aware many times. I think the most recent installation was in September. - I don't think I've ever had any other anti-virus on this computer. - No viruses, malware or adware have been detected by anything. - To my knowledge, I have no other firewalls. I'm not sure how I would check that. - Running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions for a fix would be welcome.
  3. VickyJ

    Service Unavailable

    I did miss that the first time, sorry. I've attached the files. I've taken all the newest MSI files as there were several made on the same day. Ad-Aware
  4. VickyJ

    Service Unavailable

    "Find the folder C:\Program Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 11." My computer doesn't appear to have this folder? Could it be named something else?
  5. VickyJ

    Service Unavailable

    I'm back and boosting this topic again. Despite the lack of gfiark and gfibto drivers since I previously removed them, this problem has started to happen once more. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program a couple of times, and on reinstall it tells me that I have an active license until 2015 or so, but then after a couple of days it starts showing 'Service Unavailable' and says the product hasn't been activated.
  6. VickyJ

    Service Unavailable

    Thanks Robsav! I went ahead and deleted the files via Command Prompt and the problem seems to be resolved. On a side note it may also have resolved a strange error I was having that Windows Support couldn't figure out in relationship to the 8.1 Update where my PC said it was offline whenever I was trying to sign in and made me use the last password I'd used when the system was still on Windows 8. It doesn't appear to be doing so anymore, so that's a bonus.
  7. VickyJ

    Service Unavailable

    Hi! I have Windows 8.1 and Ad-Aware Free+ V.11. After I upgraded from v.10 it ran fine once it was activated, but then it told me the service was unavailable. I proceeded to uninstall and reinstall it, and it worked for a couple of weeks. Now it's telling me that it's 'Not Activated' (I never received a key) and that the Service is Unavailable again. I'm not entirely sure how I should proceed - should I just try and locate and delete the aforementioned files through command prompt since Windows 8 doesn't show the Non-Plug/Play devices? Thanks!