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  1. On start-up, Scan History Report showed 1 item in Quarantine, "Amonetize", a moderate threat. But - looking at Real-Time Protection Report, a 2-Page List of "Events" showed line after line of threats, for example: Conduit, WhiteSmoke, statisticsstub.exe, and checktbexist...exe. These events all took place about 2 hours apart between Saturday night and Sunday noon. But the Real-Time Report didn't tell me anything about what was done with all these incoming bombs! There was No Indication of What Action (if any) was taken! I'm in the dark. Help! I looked them all up and they were all bad. The one that was quarantined, "Amonetize" sounds bad too. Help, please (I'm still a 'dummie') - Why is there No Information in the Real-Time Report about these more than a dozen items, yet 1 item quarantined? What is the most complete way to remove these problems from my system? My only guess is they will continue coming even as you are reading this... Why is my computer being bombarded with so many beasts? I practice safe browsing only. (a last really dumb question: if an item is Quarantined, has it already entered my computer and done damage? does just deleting it from the quarantine also completely remove it from my system? thanks twice.) Thanks for listening & for any help you can offer - mostly the very long Real-Time Protection Report & all the Bad Beasts. running Windows XP SP3. AdAware ver 10 (Pro is given as Free 30-Day Trial).