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  1. I triedrunning a scan. It would only allow a quick scan, which showed nothing
  2. I am using windoze 7 professional 64 bit, and Firefox v26, along with Ad-Aware 10 free. Since I installed Ad-Aware, I have noticed several problems. I am getting many popup ads on various sites, some of which have a note saying something like 'ad not by this site'. I had tried removing them using your program, but although I can no longer see the text, the frame remains on my screen. One of these leaves a blank space which is immobile against the background, meaning that I have no way of seeing what lies behind it. Another related problem is that frequently, when I want to change screens on Firefox, a new tab opens up, which says 'connecting' but just shows a blank screen. I also frequently get a popup tab which says I have to upddate my download manager for Firefox. I understand that this is a fake. There is another class of popup ad which I have noticed on some sites, in which single words in text have a differet color. when I pass mouse pointer over these words, I get a popup ad for various items. I have not been able to figure out how to disable this 'feature'. I noticed that when I went to display tlhis topic, I get this same effect. Another problem which may be related is that on several sites I visit, I notice that there is a frequent attempt to reload the current page, wlhich seems to have no other effect than to leave an entry in the Firefox history tab.