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  1. Hello: Thank you for addressing my concern. When trying to run a scan using Ad-Aware 2007, I cannot open the program. It reads, "Unhandled exception occurred in aaservice.exe 07C812AEB." Another Exception Code: 0xe6d7363 is apparent as well. Another Code: Exception EAccess Violation in module Ad-Aware 2007.exe at 00109CA Access violation at address 00509CAA in module "Ad-Aware 2007.exe'. Read of address 00000018. Thank you for any help that you may lend.
  2. I am using SE personal 1.06r/personal. When trying to perform a web update the prompt states,"No updated components available." My last recorded update is: SEIR21027.12.2007. Is there a problem, or are you no longer providing a this service? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Bevy
  3. I was able to update 10/05 after trying and trying...however, when I hit finished, it didn't accept the new definition and went back to the 9.19.06 definition. Now when I try to update it says trouble retrieving update. Is there a solution??? I feel so compromised! Sincerely, Bevy
  4. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions! I shall wait patiently for the next available Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition update! Sincerely, Bevy
  5. Today is 10/04/ last definition update was SE1R12419.09.2006 I have a reminder stating my definitions are over 15 days old. When I try to update I am prompted: no components found. Do I indeed have the most recent update, as of today, 10/04/06 ? I have never gone 15 days without some type of update.....Should I be concerned? Thank you for your time! Peace, Bevy
  6. My AVG Anti-Virus program detected Adware Generic while running a routine scan. The AVG program recognizes such pests, but cannot, in their terms,"heal" the issue. AVG recommended installing Ad-Aware SE version to clear the problem. I have already been using the Ad-Aware SE edition for months. It was my understanding the the Ad-Aware SE version would detect and remedy such pests as Adware Generic. I diligently perform updates as they become available. Is there a viable reason Ad-Aware SE will not detect and remove this perpetrator called Adware Generic? Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Bevy