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  1. First impressions almost kill Ad-Aware eleven for me. As a comparison, I have no problems with ten. First I'm greeted with compatibility mode. Basically I can install your program, but it won't actually work, and anybody with a lesser amount of patience is going to flush the install right there versus hunt around for the AV program Ad-Aware doesn't like (and as others have mentioned ad-nausem, won't tell you before you install). How many less dedicated users did you kill right there? Especially if it was a more complicated process, such as hunting around for left over registery entries? My time is not worth your cludge, especially when v10 failed to have these issues. Second, your program is rendered completely unusable until it's updated, featuring an awesome black banner that bars any use of your program after a fresh install. Are you serious? I don't get basic functionality until this is done? No. Apparently not. Because we didn't bother to include a usable base of definitions in the original install package would be my guess. Third, modular fail. Because I had to install in compatibility mode, I also find out that a full installation didn't actually take place. I clicked on real time protection to find the incompatibility. Uninstalled MS Security Essentials as requested. Rebooted because Ad-Aware still recognized it as incompatible. Then find out you didn't bother to actually install what is probably one of the more important components of an AV, presumably because of compatibility mode. WOW. And finally, guess what I'm doing as I'm writing this? Using your program? No. I'm back downloading definitions, because I had to cancel the download several times just to get to this point, while Ad-Aware itself has zero functionality until I dowload a 168mb file. And the scary thing is this is probably going to be the user experience of most of the people who download your program. I mean, who didn't get some form of AV when they bought their computer from HP, Dell, or whoever? Gotta say, this has got to be the worst setup I've stumbled across in a long, long time. You're going out of your way to make it difficult to get started, on top of using spam vendor cnet as your distributor in the first place. I realize you gotta make your money. but you won't carry me or others to 12 if you keep stacking a horrible user experience like 11 does.