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  1. Interesting that this is not provided as public information and the option to switch it off is far from visible!!
  2. I too have just logged this same issue. It is perfectly acceptable that AdAware decides that deletion is the only recourse. It is not acceptable that it doesn't give the user the option to cancel this operation. Viruses are damaging because they do unexpected and unauthorised things to your computer, I expected more from AdAware.
  3. So I run a full scan and a virus is identified. So I opt for disinfect and clean and the results I'm told are that the file has been deleted. Sounds great except that the file where the virus was found was a pst of 2011 and 2012 emails and nothing had been added to that pst since early 2013. So several questions spring to mind. How did that file that hasn't been touched in more than 18 months suddenly develop a virus? Then why does disinfect and clean mean delete (with no option to cancel)? Then why is AdAware not able to identify the email within the PST that contains the virus and deal with that rather than deleting the entire PST? And finally and most importantly how do I undelete the file? It's nowhere. It's not in my recycling bin. There's no option to undelete it from within AdAware. I do wonder whether I would be better to take my chances with the viruses if this is the level of control my antivirus software affords me. Any help gratefully received.