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  1. I have gotten zip files of 4 MSIxxxx files, and also of the system_info. But I cannot get the zip file of the Ad-Aware Antivirus one.
  2. Would you help me through a program like TeamViewer maybe? .. If not, I completely understand, and I would love to keep following this topic for your aid..
  3. I have WIndows 7, and I am logged in as an administrator.
  4. My Ad-Aware folders are not named 9, 10 or 11.. They are just named "Ad-Aware Antivirus".. could this be an issue?
  5. I already got stuck at send the folder to a zip file.. I do not have permission.
  6. It tells me that there is already currently an instance of the program installed.. :-(
  7. I've downloaded Ad-Aware Free Antivirus recently, and installed it to do a scan of my computer, and then I wanted to remove it again.. I tried to uninstall it, but I have no uninstallation files anywhere, not in the start-menu folder, or in the program files folder itself.. Neither does the program show up on the add or remove programs list.. How do I remove the program again? Please help me ASAP, thanks up front. Dan