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  1. They have. It's Labor Day weekend here in The States and I'm visiting friends one of whom I installed Free in January and who updated to Personal about five months ago. She's still running 11.7 as I advised her to hold off until my visit. Here's the multi-loopback ( connectivity I witnessed on my system, which showed up mid-August in the background unannounced. Which showed up on her system, too. Again, the Adaware 11 service has always had one persistent connection with more opening and closing as needed for updates. Again, this is MAJOR change which showed up unannounced. And on my system caused so much instability I decided to uninstall. Fortunately, my friend's system (not as compicated as mine) didn't suffer and I got her updated to v11.8. Barring unforseen circumstances, she'll use the balance of her license. I post this up because I need it known my observations were correct. Using loopback is no longer the Best Practice and has been long abandoned by those in the anti-stuff industry (Avast comes to mind). I'm so disappointed Lavasoft chose to take a step backwards. I'll check in on version 12 and hope for the best.
  2. No. There has always been just one persistent connection used by adawareservice.exe. And I didn't report "a lot of connections" but TEN connections to the local loopback. I had, up until this point, never seen Ad-Aware use I am not particularly fond of applications that use the loopback and that Ad-Aware didn't use it was a major consideration in the purchase last year. The temporary "a lot of connections" (thousands and thousands, actually) by Web Protection are always to nimbus.bitdefender.net (for my location, usually 54.164.xxx.xxx or 52.5.xxx.xxx, Amazon Direct Allocation) or amazonaws.com. This is the behavior I referred to in the Pc slow when using Adware pro security thread last month and the first of the two "significant change(s) in behavior" I mentioned in #5 above. Which includes connections to malwareurls-service.lavasoft.com to update the local database - which BTW occur at intervals unrelated to the user update setting in the UI for definitions to definitionsbd.lavasoft.com. No point in fruitless arguing this any further. Thanks anyway.
  3. Version convention is major.minor.patch.build. I've never noticed the patch or build numbers change; I don't think they do. The latest is 11.7.485.8398 which is what's on http://lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_update.php?source=inapp&mvt-inter=update&product_version=AdAwareFreeAntivirus#version_logs so that's the one, but I can't say now since... I was having all sorts of problems. I uninstalled during which I got an "application corrupt" error from the uninstaller but it allowed for continue which it did but not without evoking a Windows taskhost crash. Upon reboot, the firewall drivers were still loading. It took me about an hour to fully purge Lavasoft and I'm still not sure if I got it all; it continues to be a struggle. Not wanting to take any chances with my laptop I haven't used in about a week, running Personal, I started it in Safe mode with the admin login, and... uninstallation error. I used Wise cleaner to do a forced uninstall and again for about an hour worked on a full purge. Now when I start the laptop, I now have to connect to my home WiFi manually even though it's set to do so automatically as it always has and as it shows under Manage Wireless Networks. Personal does not have a firewall so I wonder how any uninstall, normal or forced, could affect networking. This is the second time in a year Lavasoft rolled out a significant change in behavior not having to do with the minor update (i.e. 11.6 to 11.7), this latest being catastophic. Both my licenses was were to expire on the 27th and Aug 3 and I'm not renewing. Not that I won't be keeping an eye on version 12. I'd still be insterested in an answer to "Were there new libraries or drivers rolled out in the past 24 hours?" At the least, I think I'm entitled to such considering it occurred during my license period. CeciliaB, thank you for your tireless and mostly thankless support here in the forum.
  4. Since you have only one computer, I strongly urge you to disable NetBIOS and network sharing. Unless you are fully aware of some sharing service that depends on it (i.e. Samba, NAS), you don't need those. Since you don't mention which Windows you run, Google "Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP," "Disable File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" and "Disable Clinet for Microsoft Networks." Perhaps you already have experience with your newtork conrtol panel and the properties panels where those are. Good luck. BTW, Gibson's ShieldsUP! isn't perfect.
  5. AdAwareService now has ten connections to I watch these things meticulously and this behavior is brand new as of today; it was the first thing I noticed this morning. The ten connections look like this: AdAwareService.exe - - - TCP - Established - LavasoftAdAwareService11 The local and remote ports differ for the other nine, of course, from 49220 to 49929. No Web Companion. Were there new libraries or drivers rolled out in the past 24 hours? I would greatly appreciate a response to this ASAP. Regards. (Windows 7 HP x64)
  6. Libraries: bdfwcore.dll BdFirewallSDK.dll Drivers: bdfndisf6.sys bdfwfpf.sys Those are Bitdefender components and application firewalls don't get much better than that. It goes without saying,"a bit of issue" is extremely vague, but ShieldsUP! File Sharing checks for NetBIOS ports which are of use only in the LAN for file sharing (back in the 90's) and should be blocked on the WAN by default on any router's firewall built in the last decade. If those are open on the router, even if denied for your file sharing application or service in Pro's firewall, you'll still fail ShieldsUP! - if that's the bit of an issue you're having. If those router ports are open for some server you're hosting, you should pay meticulous attention to your NAT and port routing/forwarding and share point permissions. Cheers.
  7. Well, it's been five months and there's nothing on the Pro page that explains what a customer gets over the Free version. No chart. No FAQ. Except for the art, the Free and the Pro pages might as well be describing the same product. Other than the hourly list, is there anything else "premium"? What is the update for the Free URL liast? Thank you!
  8. @ mountainlion: the metrics you report in Task Manager are normal. @ All Next time you experience a slowdown, open the tray icon and uncheck Web Protection and see if that speeds things up. Sometimes I've noticed there has been a funky MalwareUrls.db. This file updates several times a day from the malwareurls-service.lavasoft.com server and usually corrects itself, eventually. AdAwareService.exe connects in real time to several servers globally and depending on routing, loads, demand, etc. (as far as I can tell) performance can change. I live in the south west USA and the connection can be to Lavasoft in Canada or Bitdefender in Romania or one of the cloud services leased by Bitdefender (amasonaws or akamai or... I forget). So at any moment, performance can go from speedy to sluggish and back again at random. This is some kind of unannounced, undocumented cloud based service checking on malicious URLs and Phishing threats that looks like it showed up in v11.6. Hundreds of connection are made as one browses the Web, each and every element of a Web page is filtered. The connections are instantaneous; at one time I logged the connections and after a week the number was over 150,000. The service is system wide, so any Internet facing app will be protected by Web Protection. I've seen connections made for Media Player, Thunderbird and even when Malwarebytes and Zemana update their databases! I have made several pleas to support levels all the way "to the top" for clarification to no avail. I've found Web Protection to be extremely effective in blocking bad stuff and would not consider doing without it. But the inconsistent system performance is at times a pain, but that can be said of any cloud service. Windows 7 HP SP1 x64 on two systems. Ad-Aware Pro on one, Personal on the the other.
  9. I think what you're asking to do is disable the Automated Scan. Click on Scan Computer in the user interface. Scroll down to the On-Off slider and set it to Off. If that doesn't do it, in the same screen, click on Modify Settings under Definition Files, turn off Automatic Definitions Downloads. Your system might be getting "stuck" during that download/update process. Those are troubleshooting efforts but may aid getting things fixed. Good luck.
  10. Windows 7 HP SP1 x64 - Pro Security I usually put my desktop system to sleep early evening, a few hours before I bed down for the say. The power LED has always been in slow blinking mode, easily observed over time as the desktop is in a central location in my home. Since 11.7, I have on several occasions noticed the LED in a solid state with the hard drive LED active. However, my monitor remains in sleep - this is quite perplexing. Eventually, the LED returns to its sleep state. C:\>powercfg -waketimers Timer set by [sERVICE] \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\Ad-Aware Antivirus\11.7.485.8398\AdAwareService.exe Reason: generic As a work-around attempt, I've set to Disable for Sleep > Allow wake timers under the advanced settings in the Power Options Control Panel. I won't be able to observe the effect until tonight, tho. More info on the wake thing... http://www.ghacks.net/2013/12/31/find-pc-wakes-stop/ Disclaimer: exercise caution.
  11. This is the Zemana USA Data Center.
  12. Web Protection False Positive. Pro Sec 11.5. I've been using this software a looooooong time. http://safelyremove.com/assets/exe/usbsafelyremovesetup_5-3-5.exe Cheers.
  13. What is the New PRO Feature that arrived in v1.1.842.1583? http://www.webcompanion.com/version_logs There's nothing in the UI that's different, unless I'm too dense to see it. Thanks!
  14. I'm referring to the local/host/loopback proxy and not LAN or WAN proxy servers. Here are three entries (edited for clarity) copied from my TCP/IP monitor showing the listeining state of LavasoftTcpService wherein IE works in to render content, it is the service that is in actual communication. PROCESS REMOTE PORT LOCAL PORT STATE LavasoftTcpService.exe 12344 Listening IEXPLORE.EXE 12344 54893 Established LavasoftTcpService.exe 80 54836 Established