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  1. Ad-Aware Web Companion does not work via any proxy, it uses LSP and WFP to intercept and identify malicious URLs.
  2. Like we have initially mentioned, we have not stopped Ad-Aware Toolbar. Both programs have a similar feature – web protection from bad URLs, that’s why we do not offer them at the same time, but alternately. And now it's Ad-Aware Toolbar turn. =) But you can still download and install Ad-aware Web Companion from here -
  3. Thanks for your feedback! Please note that we are not a proxy, and we intercept web requests in a stack beneath the web browser. As for the website with certificate issue, we will contact our devel team and get back to you once we hear from them.
  4. You can have both applications installed on your PC. If you have Ad-Aware Toolbar already installed on your PC, during Ad-Aware Web Companion installation, please choose 'Keep my current settings' options in Browser Homepage and Default Search engine drop-down menus: Please use this link to install Ad-Aware Web Comapnion - As for your 2nd question, Ad-Aware Web Companion proactively protects you against malicious websites using Lavasoft Malware URL Blocker technology
  5. At the moment we are not stopping the toolbar; however we've developed Web Companion to provide our users with even better security as well as offering features such as being able to set your search with just one click and ad-blocking which is coming very soon! Eventually the toolbar will be phased out but we do not have a time frame at the moment.