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  1. 1. I do have Tune-up utilities installed. Now it's removed. Did a fresh install of Ad-aware, issue isn't gone. 2. Did a full maintenance, issue not resolved. 3. Did a chkdsk of all my drives, they report no problems. I'm not going to revert to a clean install to see if the problem remains, that takes to much time.
  2. The bitdefender thingy is strange indeed. I did'nt look any further if anyone els has this issue. I'm reinstalling Ad-Aware right now. Issue is back. Also, there occurs a different issue. I have a TP-Link TL-WN821 wfi adaptor which could only be revived by completely deleting the driver and re-installing it. This happened also the first time installing Ad-Aware. After uninstalling there was no problem. Log files posted. Ad-Aware
  3. Since installing windows 8.1 build 9600 and Ad-Aware there is a bug that causes Windows 8.1 to give a false chkdsk error. restart to repair drive errors (important) Removing Ad-aware removes the announcement. I was very happy with your software so far, also it doesn't seem to does any damage. Perhaps it has to do with a boot protection measure? Following sites list this issue as well: