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  1. Hi... first time user, perhaps soon to be last time user... #1: Sorting: How about changing the way you sort forums? It seems that the default is ascending, that is the oldest is first, and you have to chose the last page box to find out what is current. Yes, I found sort in clicking the word SUGGESTIONS and found a sort there, but when I returned to the forum, it had not changed. To me it's more logical to read the latest first. How about a sort choice at the top of each forum? It's not that different when you shop, and you can tell the answer page to sort by price, relevance, etc, sort, you don't have to return to a home page, etc. #2: NON_ANSWERS: Since I was reading from oldest first, I noticed multiple questions on the same item bothering me. Despite multiple users asking the same thing, there was NO RESPONSE from an administrator. That does not give me confidence in using your product or that you listen at all. So, I will repeat it here again: #3: I installed your product yesterday, for the first time, and got the message that there was another product running so this would be in compatibility mode. This morning at bootup, I noticed there was no AdAware icon in my notification box, and therefore wasn't sure if it was even loaded and working. It took me over a half hour + this morning to google it and ultimately find that MSE is considered to be non-compatible. I'm a pretty good savy unser, a low level geek, and thought that MSE is a basic coverage on my computer and that I should add a more thorough package like yours which provides broader coverage. So I repeat the original (and multiple) question: If Ad-Aware is smart enough to notice there is another product it considers to be non-compatible, WHY DOESN'T IT TELL US WHAT IT IS??? Thanks for letting me waste my time this morning when your program could easily have a popup to let me know what I must remove. If this once again goes unanswered, I might move on to AVG or Avast.