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  1. I hope the next edition keeps the same color scheme for the main panel (blue, green, burnt orange). Great colors and design. Maybe the Scan should have a Pause option? I don't remember if the Full Scan does, but the Quick Scan doesn't.
  2. Thanks, Cecilia, I feel better already. Next time I'll try to spell 'database' correctly in the headline. I hope the next edition keeps the same color scheme for the main panel (blue, green, burnt orange). Great colors and design.
  3. The total number of virus signatures in my database seems to be shrinking day by day, eg, from 10,045,000 to 9,876,000 to 9,750,000 and now 9,333,770 (all numbers approximate). My computer checks for updates every hour and it usually takes a couple of minutes to add the new plug-ins. It tells me I am up-to-date, but does the update process actually reduce the number of signatures by throwing out old ones?
  4. The DNS server website says "A user name and password are requested. The site says 'WebAdmin'." I have a password to enter, but I'm not aware of any user name. I tried entering the name of our home wi-fi network but that didn't work. The "Page not found - Problem loading server" problem came back again this morning with a vengeance on both computers, shortly after I manually uploaded the new virus definitions. (Automatic uploading worked fine through June 19, but I got impatient). Since the "Page not found" demon occurs on wife's computer and she has a different internet security suite, I don't think the updating of Ad-Aware is causing the problem. It seems like some kind of intermittent attack which occurs every 2-3 days. Maybe I should call the ISP company and ask them to give us a new router or reset this one?
  5. 1. I downloaded and ran the AVG Remover following your suggestion. Thanks. I hope it helps. 2. My IP address does differ from the "Default Gateway". The Default Gateway number is identical to the "DNS Servers" number. Ditto for wife's computer. Her computer has an internet security suite which maybe partially thwarts sporadic DNS server attacks, so she gets "Page not found" much less than me? Or else my computer has a configuration issue, or the wi-fi home network does? I once saw her security program flash a message "Your DNS server is under attack". Today and last night I was not getting the hideous "Page not found" message. Maybe removing AVG traces did help! Today June 18 Ad-Aware definitions updated automatically after my computer was turned on for about an hour. (Maybe removing AVG remnants did help...Thank you) I upgraded Firefox from 29 to version 30 a few days ago. Don't know if that makes any difference. I have two add-ons, the Classic Themes Restorer and the gizmo to make type slightly larger. I'll keep tabs on the situation hoping the automatic update issue is resolved. Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thank you for your reply, CeciliaB. 1. I clicked "Check for updates" three times. On the third try, it updated successfully. I wasn't aware of this manual option. Thanx! But there's still something wrong if the automatic updates keeps failing. It's set for "check every 1 hour". 2. No proxy server. In IE "Use proxy server for LAN" was not checked. 3. No other programs were installed or uninstalled before the issue started. I ran SuperAntiSpyware scan after the issue started; it found nothing. I downloaded MalwareBytes AntiMalware 2.0 yesterday and ran a scan; also found nothing. I frequently get the hideous "Page not found - Problem loading server" message when browsing, and occasionally pages do not format properly. My wife has experienced the same problem but to a much lesser extent. I have Windows XP, SP3, HP netbook 5 years old; she has Windows 7 and a stronger faster processor on a better laptop. I've read that this could be a DNS server attack on our ISP provider, but it's happening a lot lately. We share the same home wifi network. I switched to Ad-Aware from AVG around April after an AVG update crashed my computer and prevented start-up. I uninstalled AVG and eliminated AVG traces as much as possible before installing Ad-Aware. I prefer Ad-Aware and would like to keep using it, but I have a feeling there's something wrong with my computer or with its interaction with antivirus programs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have Ad-Aware Anti-virus free edition Version 11.2. It didn't update any new virus definitions on June 15, though I was online for a couple of hours. Today, June 16, I've been online for over an hour but still no updates. My Ad-Aware screen says "Protection Active" in blue. Is my Ad-Aware failing to update daily? Is anyone else experiencing this problem (if it is a problem)? Please advise.
  8. Thank you, CeciliaB. As it turned out, Fix #1 ("throw out the files from the Plug-In folder) did work for me. The first time I tried it, I threw out about 850 files and had 18 or so left, with names like Cache 00, Cache 01 etc. When I restarted computer, "Enable Real-Time Protection" was missing! and Ad-Aware started updating but failed ("Something prevented the download from completing" etc.). So I restored all the files from the Recycle bin and tried again. This time, I followed your advice and tried deleting each and every one of the remaining 18 or so files individually; one of them did delete. Later I noticed things look normal and my Plug-In folder is repopulated with hundreds of files thru 5/24/2014. Hope it stays active. Thanks for your help.
  9. Question for Lavasoft- The instructions say "Select 'Replace' since the files already exist in the folder." But it was my understanding that this manual update is to be attempted only if the throwing out of plug-ins from the folder fails. Mine failed, and now most of the files are no longer in the folder (only "cache" files remain), more than 800 files are in the Recycle bin. So shouldn't I select something other than "Replace" Or should I first restore the files currently sitting in the Recycle bin, and then 'Replace'?
  10. Today's update was 6.79 MB (yesterday's 3.38 MB). It still won't "Apply the definitions". "Something prevented...Try again later." I tried temporarily turning off my firewall, that made no difference. This is frustrating and it's been going on since April. Can Lavasoft please give some indication when/if the problem will be fixed.
  11. I tried to download the virus definitions update of 3.38 MB. No luck, same error message. Earlier, the amount to be downloaded was something like 8 MB (or 12?). So itseems LavaSoft is trying to make the bundle to be downloaded smaller? Still not working.
  12. I am still having this problem too, in India. It appears to download, says "Applying updates" but then "Something is preventing definitions from being updated... Try later". I tried temporarily disabling the Firewall, no good. I have Windows XP, SP3, Comodo Cleaning Essentials. Recently AVG anti-virus destroyed my internet connection during a major update and again during attempts to reinstall AVG. If LavaSoft no longer works, I'll have to try Avast or Avira but I'd rather stay with Ad-Aware. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  13. I hope LavaSoft can solve it soon. I keep getting the message "Definitions could not be updated. Something prevented the definitions from updating. Please try at a later time". I turned off the firewall when trying to update, but it made no difference. I can't use AVG antivirus anymore - their latest updates destroyed my internet connection. I would like to stay with Ad-Aware. Please help.