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  1. Deleted all Plugins as suggested and then restarted to PC. Watched as AA reloaded 202.96MB of Plugins and then successfully updated DEF Files. It is clear to me some of the original Plugins must have been corrupted preventing Def file updates. What caused the problem and how to prevent it from happening again is AA problem. If they can't solve it surely it will be the users problem again. You can count on it.
  2. The sun will come out tomorrow. Without doing absolutely anything but trying to update def files, they updated 100% at 7:10 this morning. Go figure.
  3. CeciliaB In Myrtle Beach. Have a Dell desktop running XP and Firefox 28. Not sure what you mean by "check your proxy server settings". Check for what. I am novice. Thanks
  4. Have Ad-Aware 11 (free version) for about a month. Realized definition files cannot be updated now for about a week. Get a message "definition files cannot be updated". Suggestions please. Thanks