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  1. Please disregard the request for information on how to get updates on this topic. I see the button to follow the topic at the very top of this post now.
  2. To be brief, moderator, the instructions you provided appear to be from a previous operating system. In Windows 8.1, Control Panel does not lead to Administrative tools and then Services. Instead services can be reached by right clicking the small Windows icon and selecting Computer Management, and then selecting services from there. Likewise, File History can be reached by typing in File History in the Metro Version of Windows as opposed to the classic view. Trying to reach it through Control Panel doesn't have the corresponding System and Security option. I hate Microsoft. Regardless, I checked the items you asked using the methods I described above. To my surprise, both File History (less of a surprise) and Volume Shadow Copy (more of a surprise since those huge hexadecimal filenames on my system sure sounded like shadow copies???) are already turned off. In fact, having Volume Shadow Copy turned off comes with a warning that logging depends upon it being on, so that could be leading to some errors. Since both File History (which had a default to store on drive D:, had it been on, which is a 2 TB Western Digital Sata 3 Hard Drive as opposed to my much smaller 128 GB SSD C: boot drive), and Volume Shadow Copy were already both disabled, the answer to Lavasoft's request for information is already known. Yes, the error is present until Adaware is uninstalled with both settings disabled, since they were already disabled. I am going to see if turning Volume Shadow Copy back on helps with the ReadyBoot logging problems. Thanks very much for the links you provided on the topics about ReadyBoot. I have already increased the filesize to 120 MB as per another internet link I found, and I have now turned on the option for circular logging that is suggested in one of the links you gave me. Did I mention that I hate Microsoft, and I really hate Microsoft Windows 8.1. I went from XP to Windows 8 Pro / 8.1 Pro. Too big a jump and an awful operating system. By the way, is there any way to have this forum notify a person by email when a topic is updated? I thought that would be automatic since I was not asked when I posted if I wanted to be notified, but I have had to check back randomly. And this has not been a good time for that since I had to take my 81-year old father to the emergency Friday night since he was extremely ill and in pain, and I became pretty ill myself yesterday all day. Also, when you click on the quote button under a post, shouldn't a quote show up and a reply window? That hasn't been happening for me when I click the quote button.
  3. Sorry Moderator, I had already guessed by the "Volunteer" written above your screen image that you were not a paid employee. Got it. Not quite sure how that works (intern maybe?) but no offense to you personally was intended. I have never used a 3rd party registry cleaner or any kind of system repair, doctor, magician, whatever, on my Windows 8.1 system since I have found them to be nothing but trouble on my previous system. This computer is only a little over a year old, and a big change from Windows XP. As for any changes being made by me before the red flag and error appeared, I have installed nothing except the latest Java update last week, a windows update which had for some reason not completed (probably required a reboot), and nothing else. The only real information I can give from the Event Viewer error logs of any use is a repeating error of "A corruption was discovered on the file system structure on volume \\?Volume{92093b2e-687b-11e2-be65-806e6f6e6963}" Details showed that Windows was unable to determine the drive (MOST USELESS ERRORS EVER IN WINDOWS 8.1 PRO). Searching online has led me to believe that this is something called a shadow copy. There were also a series of errors saying ReadyBoot had exceeded its maximum log filesize. That is "READYBOOT, not READYBOOST, just to be clear. Searching on the internet seems to bring up results on the latter, not the former. Nothing else helpful, I'm afraid. The "reboot to repair drive errors" has not reappeared since uninstalling ad-aware, and I do not see the shadow copy errors today under Event Viewer. The Readyboot error messages are still present but only visible under event viewer and will require further searching on the net (or a miracle). Thanks.
  4. I am running Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit on a core I-5 3570k with an msi mainboard. This reboot to repair drives error appeared within the last week. I have wasted countless hours trying to fix this problem and was worrying that I was going to need a new drive despite chkdsk and rebooting to repair drives not showing any errors. Then I found this thread. I've had problems in the past with both adaware and Avg free antivirus causing problems. As a result I didn't hesitate to delete Ad-aware 11, especially after all the time I have spent on this issue. Sure enough, as soon as I uninstalled Adaware and rebooted the system, the action centre error message to reboot to repair drives disappeared and has not returned. I don't know why it is so hard to get some companies to accept that their software conflicts with Windows, but there are hundred if not thousands of complaints about this very problem, and nobody can fix it. Then I simply uninstall Adaware and reboot, and the problem is gone. Microsoft 8.1 is a poor operating system, it just looks flashy, but that doesn't change the fact that the adaware free program is the only software that I had to uninstall to eliminate the problem. That is too much of a coincidence to be anything else. I have no doubt that Microsoft shares the blame, but Lavasoft needs to stop trying to wash their hands of responsibility by saying only one person has complained early in this thread, so it can't be them.