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  1. Hi CiciliaB I've just checked - my protection is active again! The problem either resolved itself (if that is possible) or someone at Lavasoft spotted it and fixed it. Thank you for taking my problem seriously.
  2. Files as requested are attached. Thank you for your help. Ad-Aware
  3. The topic title says it all... Microsoft security Centre 1st notified that the antimalware software definitions were out of date. I checked the AdAware panel ("Home") which confirmed this. I then ran the update as recommended and checked "Home" again - it still notified that the defintion files were outdated. I repeated this several times, each time AdAware update confirmed that the definition files were in fact up to date but the message persists - any solutions? Many thanks
  4. Thank you CiceliaB - your suggested solution worked for me. Lavasoft, however, needs to give consideration to whether they are serious about being in this game - no serious and responsible anti-malware provider should allow a problem like this to continue for a week without a solution. I live in a rural community where computer skills are low if not non-existant. I have installed Ad-Aware on about 50 PCs (some are paid licences) since I was impressed by Ad-Aware's simple interface and "quiet" background operation. I also assumed that Lavasoft was a serious player. If Lavasoft does not come up with a simple solution to this problem (and I don't consider the solution that worked for me to be simple), I will have to contact all those users and advise them to uninstall Ad-aware and replace it with something more reliable. Once again, thank you for helping me (and I'm sure many other users) out of this predicament.
  5. Tried again. This time it downloads, then says "Updating Definitions", then gives error message: Something is preventing definitions from being updated... Try later"
  6. I wish I could give you advice on this issue - I too cannot download definitions (have been trying for more than 12 hours). Lavasoft, please help. Since Lavasoft have servers for different parts of the world, I will provide information about my whereabouts: I am in South Africa. This is not the first time that I have run into this problem. Lavasoft, please fix your update server.