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  1. AdAware-BitDefender Clstrfk.zip I have tried to also upload the System Information file from my laptop, but neither of your upload systems will allow it. [You aren't allowed to upload this kind of file] Everything else is in the Zip folder. I could not understand the contract worker's name: I asked him to spell it. He didn't. I have the feeling that he had just that one answer; that the servers were down and causing all the problems. He asked no clarifying questions and displayed zero empathy. Believe me I am never looking for a shoulder to cry on, but it is annoying when someone's attitude in a job like that says 'Don't bother me' or 'I can't be bothered' ... Maybe he was fed up from taking calls about the ridiculous state of Lavasoft's servers. I called from a Skype number here in the US: 508-744-62** The number I called to was 888-846-9584. There was a hold of a few minutes and although I had chosen the tech support extension the call routed to someone in sales/ordering who transferred me back into the support queue. The call either started or ended at 10:45am Pacific Summer Time. I am not supplying my email as I don't need to hear back from anyone. I am done with Lavasoft. As I wrote the tech support rep who responded last night to my support request, Lavasoft's excellent product is undermined by poor backend operations and management. The last company I worked at [one of the largest international banks] had a similar server situation here in North America 10 years ago that lasted 2+ days.The managers responsible for that system were escorted out of the building with their belongings in cardboard boxes 14 hours into it. Needless to say, that never again were we in a situation without functioning backup systems. I hope Mr Martineau is taking similar steps. Thank you for your patient replies, Cecilia. You do your job here well. The techs I have dealt with via email have all been unfailingly polite and helpful to the best of their abilities. It is a shame to see good people doing good work beiing sabotaged by poor management. Best wishes and good luck ---
  2. I ran the full spectrum of RAM and hard drive diagnostics first thing and did it twice: everything checked out okay. The laptop is not overheating, it sits on a fan that keeps it cool, and the issue occured after the latest update to 11.2 which rolled out to me on either Friday or Saturday morning. Usually I shut the computer off at night, but because I had about 4 hours to go on a full system scan by Ad-Aware, I paused it and put the laptop in hibernation on Friday night and finished the scan on Saturday. The hangup is clearly tied to attempts communicate over the web as it occurred with only one part of Gmail and one part of Skype. The computer as a whole never froze and in fact the first time it happened I continued working in other applications---even used my browsers with no problems---until I needed to access the Gmail folder that no longer opened. Then I rebooted. A MS OS generic repair message said changes had been made to the system software with no details. The only software that had been added to the laptop was the Ad-Aware update. Your assumption that I didn't talk to a Lavasoft employee is far from comforting and makes me glad I switched. Unbelievable. When I bought the product I was given that number for tech support and now I find out I was probably talking to a semi-informed contract worker. The submission form to Support was not very good---allows only one attachment for example---and to find out that is the only way to communicate with a true LAvasoft employee ... Mercy. It's a rule of thumb in CS that bad experiences get repeated a 100 times while good ones rarely are more than a couple of times. So are you also telling me that the servers are not down for 24-48 hours? That was the straw that broke my camel's back. This is clearly a software package for people with lots of experience, skill, time on their hands and patience. I am lacking in the first three and the 30 odd hours I've spent dealing with Lavasoft one way or the other in the last month has used up my supply of patience. Regards ---
  3. Last night Skype suddenly stopped functioning; I closed and restarted it, but it could not connect to its home page so I rebooted the laptop [Windows 7 Service Pack 1]. The OS froze very early on reboot. Groan: the same thing had happened Saturday night when trying to use Gmail. That resulted in reimaging my system because the MS OS repair software could not even load a restore point. This morning the MS OS repair software kicked in again, but this time it could go back to a restore point and it produced some error info: "A problem has occured in BitDefender Threat Scanner. A file containing error information has been created at C:\\Windows\TEMP\ ... BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp. You are strongly urged to send the file to the developers of the application for further investigation of the error." I had never heard of BitDefender before, much less downloaded it. An initial system search turned up nothing except for my screenshot of the message. I set tougher search parameters and checked for the error in Microsoft forums. While searching the forums I noticed that Ad-Aware had not started. The same thing had happened after the reimage: I opened to reactivate. It would not activate because it could not connect to the Lavasoft servers. !!! While waiting on hold for Ad-Aware support, the search results came back showing that BitDefender Threat Scanner was somehow part of the Ad-Aware package. Finally, support came on the line---the gentleman's accent was just understandable except for his name and his phone skills were in the bottom 25% in my experience [a dozen years as a professional in the field]. He could not hold a candle to the last tech support rep I talked to at Norton. He tells me that the servers are down for 24-48 hours, that Ad-Aware will not work again until they are back up!! I was and remain dumbfounded. After I recovered from the shock, I described the BitDefender Threat Scanner issue. He shocked me even further: that was caused by the server issue. In the 6 weeks I have been a Lavasoft customer, I have experienced more problems and downtime by far than with Norton, Zone Labs, McAfee and Kaspersky put together in 20 years and 4 months of online activity. Even if there was an update problem---which I think happened once---I was never left completely exposed with a product that would not load at all, much less have its software reach into my OS so deeply as to stop it from loading correctly. I am still in shocked, stunned, gobsmacked amazement. By the way, I did not load Ad-Aware onto some old wreck of a system: it was on a brand new hard drive loaded with a new install of Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Ad-Aware is, or was, the only anti-virus software loaded on it. On the offchance the Lavasoft tech support guy did not know what he was talking about, I still have the TEMP file and screenshots. But nothing else, because I uninstalled Ad-Aware about an hour ago. I am now an ex Lavasoft customer. At first I just downloaded a free copy of Avast to cover me until the server got back up. But then I noticed the ease and the speed with which Avast got started, remembered how several friends have raved about its free version and thought about the approximately 3-4 working days I've lost to Ad-Aware's system issues in the last 6 weeks and decided I had had enough. I had turned to Lavasoft because of the quality of its product, but it is glaringly obvious that it has grown too fast too soon for its backend systems. This is a business where the backend has to be just as good and just as reliable as the front end. I do not know who makes the decisions, but they have been sadly lacking in acumen and foresight.
  4. I am running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 on an old Compaq Presario CQ70. The simpler process of deleting the contents of the Plugin folder and rebooting the laptop worked for me early this morning. I was left with only 15 files that could not be deleted. No one is mentioning their operating systems, but I cannot help but wonder if that is the reason why the process is not working for them. Are those people running Vista? Windows 8.whatever? Also, I am on a broadband connectiion that allows me to stream video like Amazon Prime with trouble at all. Any supposed 'unstable' server connections are not on my end.
  5. The fix worked for me but I have to echo Jeremiah's comment: a failure of this kind is an entirely new and unpleasant experience in my 20 years online. I am particularly annoyed that Support---with whom I have been in contact since the weekend---did not advise me of the manual fix. The last word from them 2 days ago was that the issue was caused by insufficient server capacity for a rapidly expanding customer base and that it would be resolved in 24-48 hours. I am sure I am not the only one with this issue who contacted them. A Support team with its act together would have group emailed all concerned with the manual fix info as soon as it became available. Additionally I was horrified to see a comment from the Moderator on Sunday saying 'I'll tell them [support] tomorrow.' If a company is going to offer a product of this kind for 24/7/365 use then it has got to have tech support in place 24/7/365 too. That is crucial. Lavasoft has put together a great product; if its ancilliary processes do not match it then its current success will not last long.
  6. I am using A-A Pro Security version 11.1.5354.0. I have no idea how to find when my last definitions update occurred, but the Windows 7 notification of out of date virus definitions on my task bar appeared about 30 hours ago. Since then despite reboots and several tries, I've had no success updating the definitions. I've attached the files I could find: the msi temp files are no longer present thanks to CCleaner. Feeling rather insifficiently dressed without the definitions file updating properly. Never experienced a problem like this in 20 years with Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee or Zone Alarm. Hope this is a oneoff . . . Ad-Aware 11.zip msinfo32.zip