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  1. P.S. McAfee & Norton have both got PC fixer as safe. WOT as "unsatisfactory " ( I read the replies & one negative is calling the guy a forum spammer ) http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/smartpcfixer.com http://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=smartpcfixer.com http://www.smartpcfixer.com/support/?model=errorfix&item=lavasoft&gclid=CMiRhaKnh8ECFVQIvAodGrUAsg it had a PARTNER for Microsoft at the top of the page- it's not there now https://pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-IQ/PartnerDetails.aspx?PartnerId=4298529524&LocId=-1&ProductId=12884936495&CurrentTab=1 ( which seems to be the above ) It said it could fix my Lavasoft problem - hence, I purchased it
  2. Hi I installed PC fixer today - as I saw it had Microsoft Partner on it's page. http://malwaretips.com/blogs/wprotectmanager-exe-removal/ http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-windows-protection-master is where I got the info from. My phone is no longer being recognised on my laptop and I cannot download my photos- so I was trying to work out why. around that date- the windows protect manager was installed via Windows 8.1 updates. The toolbar is mine- from ALEXA I discovered the Lavasoft Pro 11 real time definition and email had been turned off. It looked on- until I clicked the button and most were off. That's why I downloaded Malaware and ran it and there were hundreds of malware. I don't know how lpong it's been off - I've installed the free version of lavasoft and am trying to update it to Pro 11 BUT it says I have the updated version ! The A is orange- not blue. cheers
  3. Shortcut.txtFRST.txt ps. I turned on defender - as I was scared having my computer unprotected.
  4. Hi this EXACT thing is happening to me- I have Lavasoft pro 11 & the real time protection had been altered somehow - it was off. Now I have a computer that is having trouble. I will download the above. and run as you have suggested to this person also- there was a warning after I did my 3rd system restore ( trying to get computer to work) stating a bad file in windows/temp - the file name is long but this is the start & end numbers. It has 2 files in it bit defender threat scanner.dmp 6241bd9cl ..........5f77fb/bit defender threat scanner.dmp I don't download music- nor movies- nor do I gamble online. I don't understand how I got this "bit" file. I clicked properties to see who creator was and it said to click something to fix it- so I did. (so it has since changed ) I still cannot get lavasoft cheers
  5. I've been trying since the 14th May. it still isn't working I'm Australia ( Sydney) I have the Pro Security. I wish they'd fix it or tell us something. I hate it when you ask something and don't get a reply this is almost a week now - which is not good IMO
  6. I thought it was fixed- it just started to "act" as if downloading- then stopped. still stuck on the 14th May as my update
  7. Hi. I've been trying since the 14th to update. I emailed support and got a reply saying to restart my computer. s I'd already restarted a few days - I didn't see the point but did that. I have since done 3 lots of system restores to go back as far as possiible and nothing works. I wish they'd just said there's a slight problem- as I've now wasted 2 days doing things to try and make this work- including downloading another anti-virus and turning off my firewall. being up front and saying there's a problem and they are working on it could've saved me a lot of time and effort. now that I know- I wont keep trying ad will wait for it to be fixed by the techies I have Pro Securty and it's stuck on the 14th May 2014- wont go past that date- just keeps saying "try later" Please- next time- just say it's Lavasofts end and you are tying to fix it- I assumed it was my computer - as I'm sure a lot of people would or- send a link to the forums thanks :-)