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  1. Same issue. This goes beyond unprofessional into absurd. I give up - I'm going elsewhere and recommending to any and everyone else I know to do the same.
  2. After a week, I'm still having the same issue that many people have been reporting, and that still hasn't been fixed. When trying to update definitions, the files download, and then I get the error message about "Definitions could not be updated...Please try again later." Given what I'm reading here in the forums, the problems with updating definitions STARTED BACK IN APRIL - and now, **nearly a month later**, Lavasoft has yet to actually fix the problem. Seriously? A MONTH? I'm giving this another 48 hours. If the issue is not resolved by then, I'm uninstalling Ad-Aware and looking for a FUNCTIONAL and RELIABLE product. Then I'll and go back to the sites where I recommended Ad-Aware and leave new reviews reflecting Lavasoft's inability or unwillingness to support its product. Enough is enough.