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  1. I got a new computer a while ago and installed adaware on it. It worked fine for a couple days then the same USB problem resurfaced. Toggling Real Time protection didn't fix the problem, so we can rule that one out..
  2. Unfortunately, the only method that has worked is to disable Adaware. I turned off the service to prevent it from running on startup, instead of a full uninstall. If I start Adaware and then disable it, I can't use any USB cards without having to reboot. So all I know right now is that something activates when Adaware initially starts up that triggers the error.
  3. I've encountered this same problem. I spent almost an entire day struggling to fix the Code 38 error, trying countless "fixes" and workarounds to no avail. Finally I booted my PC in safe mode, put the USB card into a port (didn't matter which one, I've tried all of them to rule it out), unplugged it, plugged it back in and the USB card worked again. Right now I have Adaware running and that's somehow causing this problem. This didn't become a problem for me until I installed the current version: 12.3.909.11573 (free).