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  1. Hello, unfortunately, problem still persist. I just updated my definitions, cuz they was very old and list disappeared - list is normally visible, definitions updated, I closed adaware, after few seconds I was curious about list and looked...list was empty. Maybe this problem is somehow connected with updating definitions?
  2. I will watch adaware antivirus, if list will disappear again, I let you know - I cant say so soon if problem was fixed or not.
  3. Hello, any new news about fix for this problem?
  4. jotazombie I have the same problem and unfortunately from a very long time also I wrote about it in one of my topics long time ago, and unfortunately no fix to this day
  5. Im not doing anything special - I use browser, playing games, listen music, watching movies - if you need list of what I use I can send you via PM. Another thing I noticed is even if I cant see anything on list, programs/games/folders are still excluded - they working like they are still on list.
  6. I understand, the only thing I can say I noticed this list disappears after some time of using adaware (few days), not immediately.
  7. Hello, any new informations from adaware about this problem?
  8. That was too fast what I said....list disappeared again even with choosen english language
  9. Many days have passed, and my list didn't disappeared - Probably when I use polish language list disappears, or better said this setting is involved in it somehow.
  10. Ok, I will leave it english language. If list will disappear, I will let you know.
  11. Tell them please, I noticed when I was in language settings I had language Polish in entire program, but somehow it displayed it was english - this happened when my ignore list disappeared. Btw I changed language to english like you said, and to now my list is working normally.
  12. So on question: Answer to that question is NO.
  13. 1. No. I only excluded choosed folders, not entire partitions. 2. They are Internal.
  14. Hi, sorry for the delayed answer. Here is screenshot from adaware - everything is empty, list disappeared I don't know when. I looked to "C:\ProgramData\adaware\adaware antivirus\Options\IgnoreList.db" file, opened it and there are normally excluded folders/files - that file IgnoreList.db it's not empty.