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  1. So, after very long time fighting against bugs and problems in adaware, finally I found solution to all my problems...I uninstalled adaware and bought another antivirus software. Best thing is, just as I thought problems with adaware are made by adaware itself, because current antivirus I use works like a charm - exclude list dont disappear, system is not slowed when searching files, and also this protection, FULL PROTECTION, I was so stupid to use adaware free, which is bugged and also not offers full protection. Thanks Cecilia for all your help, adaware team should you and other volunteers pay money for your hard work doing for people. Bye and again thanks for everything Cecilia :)
  2. Hello, unfortunately, problem still persist. I just updated my definitions, cuz they was very old and list disappeared - list is normally visible, definitions updated, I closed adaware, after few seconds I was curious about list and looked...list was empty. Maybe this problem is somehow connected with updating definitions?
  3. I will watch adaware antivirus, if list will disappear again, I let you know - I cant say so soon if problem was fixed or not.
  4. Hello, any new news about fix for this problem?
  5. jotazombie I have the same problem and unfortunately from a very long time also I wrote about it in one of my topics long time ago, and unfortunately no fix to this day
  6. Im not doing anything special - I use browser, playing games, listen music, watching movies - if you need list of what I use I can send you via PM. Another thing I noticed is even if I cant see anything on list, programs/games/folders are still excluded - they working like they are still on list.
  7. I understand, the only thing I can say I noticed this list disappears after some time of using adaware (few days), not immediately.
  8. Hello, any new informations from adaware about this problem?
  9. That was too fast what I said....list disappeared again even with choosen english language
  10. Many days have passed, and my list didn't disappeared - Probably when I use polish language list disappears, or better said this setting is involved in it somehow.
  11. Ok, I will leave it english language. If list will disappear, I will let you know.
  12. Tell them please, I noticed when I was in language settings I had language Polish in entire program, but somehow it displayed it was english - this happened when my ignore list disappeared. Btw I changed language to english like you said, and to now my list is working normally.
  13. So on question: Answer to that question is NO.
  14. 1. No. I only excluded choosed folders, not entire partitions. 2. They are Internal.