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  1. I have the same problem in US but looks like their server is down for the holiday. So I guess we need to be patient until they get back from holiday.
  2. The manual download of the definition files takes a long time for those with slower internet speed and since it is a big file and once it is interrupted for whatever reasons , you have to start all over again. Why do you advice us to delete all the old definition files that we already have , in order to update the new files and for those of us if it doesn't work , like me , then we are stuck with no files at all? Wouldn't it be better if we had some kind of definition files , even though old ones , than have none at all and leave our pc's open to all kinds of risks? And why isn't Lavasoft tech support team think of a better way to update the definition files , than to tell us to delete all the old files we have for something that might or might not work? How long does Lavasoft expect this to go on?
  3. Hi Cecilia B , I followed your advice on C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\...... and deleted as many files as it allowed , but it didn't work after that and still gave me error , so I ended up with no definition files at all , so I uninstalled Ad-Aware completely and then re-installed it again and put in my 25 digit activation number , but still tells me in red " protection inactive " . Any suggestion as to what to do now? Thanks