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  1. So before I came searching here for a fix I had contacted Lavasoft support. The responded to me last night telling me to uninstall Ad Aware antivirus 11 and reinstall with this link . I am happy to report that the fix has worked and protection is active.
  2. So I tried both the manual update and the way to make it try to update itself and it still will not say that it has up to date definitions. And it still will not activate the protection. I may have to uninstall it all together and go with another program until the issue is fixed... And the only other one I get close to liking is AVG.... (and they are on the outs with me for randomly installing crap I don't want... Like their friggen tool bar... (insert very vulgar tirade))
  3. It is both actually. And ad aware attempts to update every time I open it.
  4. So I followed the suggestions above. And now it will udate... Every time it opens. But it still insists that I am still unprotected and will not let me scan. Any suggestions?