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  1. Well, I have 3computers running Ad Aware, 1 paid subscription and 2 free. I have the latest version, according to Lavasoft, 11.1.5345.0. Yesterday I manually updated all of the machines and everything seemed to be working fine. Today I have used 2 of the computers updated yesterday and have the same problem as before the manual upgrades yesterday. Both display the definitions are out of date and will not update the definitions. I have no other anti-virus software on any of the computers, i have Windows XP SP3 on all the computers. I hope Lavasoft isn't finally going to tell us they will no longer support XP and we will have to buy new OS's in order to use their product. Even though MS has discontinued support for XP it isn't going into the night quickly and will be around on a lot of machines for quite a while. I have a new laptop with Windows 7 and so far can't say I am impressed. Just hoping they get a fix soon, and quit worrying about how Version 12 should look.