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  1. Yes Cecilia i sign up, but never get something to test from lavasoft
  2. i agree with you, but realy, just because this file? (this file is only about the history of the installer, nothing that compromise your antivirus integrity,is a temp file....) and is not the first time lavasoft have problem's when launch a new version...maybe lavasoft should think about teste a litle more, before release to general public, i still remeber the "bug" with the ad-aware v11 services with windows 8/8.1...
  3. Thanks for you help, finally i was able for remove this is because of this "secrets" and "unfinished" products that i'm moving to another av.... anyway,your support Cecilia, was excelent
  4. Hi! I'm having the same issue when trying to remove your software,can you please help?