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  1. It is only detected by AVG with the associated Adaware process. It happened again today. Adaware is going to be deleted.
  2. It was downloaded at the beginning of the year from lavasoft's site. It's been doing this recently.
  3. Win/zperm is malicious software and was associate with the Adaware process. Why, is my question. It has happened three times no in the last two weeks. Each time the assoc. process is Ad-aware. The last time it happened my computer was in sleep mode and suddenly turned on with the same above AVG window alerting me to the same Zperm from Ad-aware process. I'm so close to uninstalling Ad-aware now.
  4. I emailed customer support regarding my concern and their response was to post here....great customer service. AVG keeps alerting me to Zperm virus detected associated to the same Adaware process. Any idea what's going on?