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  1. Hi petehug, It seems like there is an incompatibility issue with some of the installed applications/drivers on your machine. We are looking into it and will hopefully have a fix soon. Meanwhile we advise to uninstall WebComapnion and verify if the problem doesn’t appear anymore. Thank you for you collaboration. Sophie
  2. Hi Dallas7, The Pro version is still in a beta stage of development. We are creating new features to add to the product, giving it greater value for our users. Unfortunately, delays happen sometimes. We want to be sure we fine tune the product before officially releasing all details. Thanks, Sophie
  3. Hi Kate, I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience that you are experiencing with this issue. I will address each concern individually in order to ensure I understand everything correctly (and also explain what may have happened). 1. Installed without consent: This is something we do not tolerate. We never force our software on users and ensure our distribution partners do not either. Can you give me more information (in this thread or in private) as to which software was updated that your husband opted-out of other add-ons? We would like to investigate this further (to avoid anyone else experiencing this). 2. Firefox being unusable: We noticed this issue as well and are pushing out a fix for this today. There appears to be some conflict with the latest version of Firefox 39 that causes this Search bug to happen. Our team tested it thoroughly and is confident it will be resolved with this latest update. 3. Can't Uninstall: Normally, uninstalling from the Control Panel will remove all traces of Web Companion from your machine. However, occasionally there appears to be some issues with uninstallation. We suspect there may be another program that is installed and running on the pc which unintentionally prevents Web Companion from completing its process. Because we don't know all the software installed on each of our users' machines, it is next to impossible for us to know exactly which program is causing it. I would have recommended a system restore but you appear to have already tried this. The next step would be to contact our customer support directly so that a tech agent can assist you more directly with complete removal of Web Companion. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected] Again, please accept our apologies for this inconvenience and we appreciate your assistance in helping us resolve this matter. Thanks! Sophie
  4. Hi Vanathel, I am very sorry our software caused you any inconvenience. I will forward this information to the development team in order to fix this conflict and avoid this issue in the future. I am glad to hear/read that you were able to resolve it Thank you for your feedback! Sophie
  5. Hi Jeremy, I have forwarded this to the Dev team to investigate. Thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to our attention! Sophie
  6. Hello theogott, I would like to also confirm that this was accidentally sent by our team. We were doing mail server tests and for some strange reason, this was sent out to you by accident. We hope you enjoy your copy of Web Companion Pro an our apology for this mix-up. Thanks! Sophie
  7. Hi brunosdad, Did you install any other 3rd party software when you were setting up your new HD? Web Companion is sometimes offered inside installation bundles with other software, however, it is never installed without user consent. Additional information on this could help us track the source from which it may have ended up on your machine. As for your issue with being unsuccessful with uninstalling the program. As silly as it may be to ask, have you restarted your PC and retried uninstalling? I recommend you email our team at [email protected] so we can escalate to a Tier 2 technician who can assist you. Please mention in your message that you communicated with Sophie on the forum (in case they have questions for me). Thanks! Sophie
  8. Hi jkerich, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I will forward this information to our development team, hopefully they will be able to fix this soon. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Sophie
  9. Bonjour Mayers, Avez vous rencontré cette erreur à nouveau depuis votre dernier message? Il est possible cela puisse être une erreur intermittente et la raison pour laquelle le message n'a pu être envoyé était peut-être un problème de connexion avec notre serveur de réception. Svp me confirmer si vous avez rencontré d'autres problèmes depuis. Merci, Sophie
  10. Hi, Thank you for contacting us. Can you please verify and confirm your version of Web Companion? You mention you have version 11 but we currently only have 1.1.922.1860 as our latest version. You can verify the version by following the steps indicated in the "How do I manually update my version of Web Companion" of our Help section : Once you can confirm this, I will be better able to assist you. Thanks!! Sophie The Web Companion Team
  11. Hi Chuck, Thank you for contacting us! This behavior does seem very unusual. When Web Companion's Malicious URL Blocking feature is enabled, there is a level of traffic filtering done in order to ensure our users are not inadvertently navigating to a potentially harmful site. However, this is a scan that is done in milliseconds and should not have any adverse effect as you mentioned. I will forward this information to the development team in order to investigate if this is something to be concerned about and needs to be fixed in an upcoming release/update. We apologize for the negative experience you had and hope you will consider us again in the future. Thanks! Sophie
  12. Hi dbaatoct, We appologize for any conflict you may have experienced with using Web Companion. I have escalated this issue to our development team. It will be evaluated and hopefully resolves soon. Thank you! Sophie
  13. Hi Denise, We will look into this matter further and hopefully be able to provide a compatible installer for your Tablet in the near future. Thank you Sophie
  14. Hi dallas7, The new Web Companion Pro a new feature being introduces in the purchase version of Web Companion. The added feature is a new Malicious URL list that is updated Hourly, keeping you safer than before. Other features will be added as new versions are being developed. More information about this new Pro version will be available soon on our website. Stay Tuned! Thanks! Sophie The Web Companion Team
  15. Hi s36e175, It has come to our attention that certain programs are currently experiencing some incompatibility with Web Companion. Our development team is already investigating this. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you and hope to have a solution very soon! In the meantime, all we can recommend is that you uninstall Web Companion to ensure the software in question functions normally (as you mentioned you have already done). Thank you! Sophie The Web Companion Team