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  1. 52 malware, 30 files (57% ) detected with real-time protection and the remaining 22 only 1 found with manual scanning (Ad-aware 11.3 free).
  2. Thanks to you and your lavasoft contact for fast support! Happy weekend!
  3. +1 to add a "prompt on action" on virus detection with the possibility of add it directly in whitelist!! It's the only reason why I have not bought the pro version
  4. Hi Cecilia, Ad-Aware I have no msi file in temp folder and with Ad-aware 11.2 I had the same problem. I deleted the entry in the context menu without uninstall Ad-aware and returned the original menu in windows 8.1: Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi all, Windows 8.1 update 1 x64 and Ad-aware free 11.3, I have a little problem with right click context menu: after installation (and computer restart) context menu becomes "flat", similar to windows 2000. The submenu instead are not changed. I've already tried reinstalling, same situation. Any solutions? PS: if you add "prompt on action" on the detection of a virus, you have found a new paid customer