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  1. Hi, I have taken a screen shot. As you can see the message is quit lengthy, and there is even a scroll bar on the left. I am not sure if it happens with other localizations.
  2. Hi I notice that when deleting all the files from quarantine the message that is displayed is glitched. The displayed message seems to a mixture of all possible warning messages ad-aware can display. This is happening in Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ 11.4.6792.0 Portuguese translation. I don't have any screen shots, but it should be easy to reproduce.
  3. It turns out hat the certificate issue is a problem with the site, and not web companion. I have recently reinstalled ad-aware, and this time instead of being offered web companion, I was offered to install the ad-aware tool bar. Why did you pulled back on offering web companion for installation?
  4. Hi, The page you pointed to doesn't mention any proxies, yet Ad-Aware seems to be using one, and breaking some encripted pages. See attached image. EDIT: Nevermind, I see that the problem is not with Web Companion but the site it self. - The certificate is not valid for the website's domain. the Website is and not In any case, is it absolutely necessary to break end-to-end encryption?
  5. Is it possible to combine both the Toolbar and the WebCompanion ? I ask this because I like to have a per-site security information - meaning the green check mark that the toolbar displays on safe websites. EDIT: Also, how does Web Companion intercept the traffic ? Does it work like a proxy or something ?
  6. Does this mean that the AD-Aware security toolbar is being discontinued?
  7. Is it possible to configure what the security pin blocks? For example it seems to be blocking a user from starting a Quick Scan, I find this behavior to be unwanted. Is there a way to only block configuration changes? Thanks
  8. Hello, As the title says, does Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ offers anti-rootkit capabilities? Also is Lavasoft paired up with another company to develop or offer antivirus signatures? I remeber a few years back that the signatures used by Ad-Aware where from another company, can't remember wich one. Is that the case now? If so, what is the company? Thanks in advance!