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  1. Thanks a lot to Cecilia and to Anna, for solving my very strange issue. I wish you all the best! The topic can be closed.
  2. I've re-directed the output to a text file, as it should be easier to understand. ipc_all.txt ipc_all.txt
  3. Anna, I hope this screenshot can help you. Let me know, please. Thanks and kind regards, Roberto
  4. Thanks Anna, but now I'm having trouble with the activation. I send you a PM containing the received license and the mac address. Kind regards, Roberto P.S.. thanks Cecilia for removing most of the email address, I was pretty worried.
  5. Every time I ask for receiving an activation key by email, I get the 'Registration failed - Try again or Close' message. That's pretty strange because I have been using the rel.10 for about one year, and some days ago I decided to upgrade to the current release. I tried to change the email address but the trouble still exists and the proxy is not enabled in the LAN settings. The computer and the o. s. (Win XP Pro) are the same; therefore I enclose the needed .zip files and I kindly ask to the specialists for their precious help. Many thanks in advance. Ad-Aware Ad-Aware