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  1. I've found an option that for now it works better on that matter (I'm not going to advertise another antivirus here but I guess I can PM if anyone ask), also before I tried another antivirus I found that some application that started to slow down with Adaware works better when I added those paths on the exclusion list also excluding some specific extensions. And in case some other guy has the same issue with the wacom tablet I also tried (before remove Adaware) to uninstall the wacom driver, reboot pc, then stop adaware and then install the wacom driver again, after doing that I didn't have problems with lag in photoshop, also in some cases when I got the message saying that the wacom driver wasn't working I did the same, stop Adaware then restart the service (via windows services) and it was working fine again. But unfortunately I couldn't find a fix or workaround for the general slow down on the folders, even if it works stopping the real time protection it doesn't have too much sense to work with a paid antivirus stopped to make things faster. Now I've to say I didn't tried and don't know if same thing happens with the free version.
  2. OK, thanks for trying to solve this, as I mentioned in the first message I've 2 other computers with win 10, that one is not my main one and I don't plan to do individual hardware upgrade on it, it's just that still works and can be used (it's used mostly by my couple) and since it worked pretty fine when I removed adaware I guess I'll try some other antivirus before discarding it. Of course no regrets about adaware or any of you guys you was pretty nice, I'll still be buying licenses for the other computers. Thanks again
  3. Hi Cecilia, I got a couple back and forward emails with Charlie from support and he finally have sent me back to this forum to try to find a solution (no complain about the guy tho). He told me to try the classic software repair via control panel which I did but nothing really changed, then I told him you recommended me of using the removal tool, he told me to do that but that didn't solved the issues neither. But now I know for sure, after using the removal tool and doing some tests, that without the antivirus installed the pc works fine, I don't get missing files icons on folders, the green loading bar at the folders address is almost instantly full loaded, I don't have slow downs when copy/paste or moving files to another folder or subfolder. And as I told to Charlie I even discovered another issues that I didn't thought is has something to do with the antivirus: I use a wacom tablet since quite a while and at some point (not sure when but not too long ago) every time I turn on my computer I got a warning message saying that the wacom tablet service is not working. Since this happens every single time I even created a shortcut to services on the windows taskbar so I can go there and restart the wacom service then the wacom app is launched and the hotkeys and that are working fine again. But in the time I was testing the computer without antivirus I didn't have this issues the wacom app was launched by itself when windows is loaded without the need of restarting the service, I thought that was a wacom issue but I guess somehow this actually has something to do with adaware. Another thing that I noticed (without antivirus) is that all the files in different softwares (photoshop, clip studio paint, foobar200,..., even Microsoft Excel) are loaded noticeably faster. E.g. in photoshop (not always but pretty often) it happens that when I tried to open a file directly from the folder (with ot without the software previously loaded) I got that green loading bar at the folder address and the file didn't open until that bar is loaded which sometime takes around 30 sec to open a 2mb file, but during the time I tested without antivirus all the files (even large ones or dragging several files at the same time) was opening pretty much instantly, that's another thing I didn't thought it could have something to do with adaware but it seems it has. I'm aware this doesn't seems to be something easy to solve, I guess I will give it some days to see if something changes but if you have any idea of something else I could try it would be appreciated. Even if it gets to the point I have to change the antivirus software I appreciate that you and Charlie replied pretty fast and willing to help.
  4. Ok, I didn't tried the removal tool but I'll contact them there before doing that and if I get some fix I'll try to post it here so it could be useful for others. Thanks
  5. Hello, My os is windows 7 professional 64 bits and I use Adaware 12 (12.4.930.11587) Pro version. I'm experiencing some issues when I open folders. I went to Microsoft support forum first and one of their recommendations was to check how it works if I disable the antivirus and in my case when I did that the folder was working fine again, also someone in the MS forum said that it was a known issue from Adaware so now I'm asking to you. The issue is that windows explorer is working pretty slow, when I open any folder at first I see just a few files (icons) or even none of them and then gradually they start to show up one by one of few at a time while the green loading bar at the folder address is filling. Depending on how big the folder is this could take even some minutes to be able to see all the files there, and it happens as I said with any folder like if adaware was scanning every single file everytime I open a folder. This also makes some softwares to work slow such as a music player when I try to open a folder with music files from the software it also at first shows empty folders. I think same issue has affected PC booting since I've noticed the required time has increased but I didn't make tests on this matter with and without adaware. I guess the easy way would be just remove Adaware and buy some other antivirus but despite this issue I was always happy with Adaware since the version 10 I even have it on 2 other computers (with windows 10 and no performance issues) so I would prefer to get a fix rather than just buying another antivirus.
  6. Everything fixed! Thanks CeciliaB you made my experience with Adaware 5 starts again, I would give a hug if I could I didn't knew I could see all the keys in the Support Center. I did the repair for Adaware 11 and it worked then it got update to 12 without any issues. About the first computer with windows 7, my wife told me she has installed a malware tool for usb flash and I didn't noticed it when updating Adaware so now I just removed that tool, made a cleaning with Ccleaner, and reinstalled Adaware 12 and We've all the protections on again. So I guess we don't need the FRST scan, right? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm getting a prettuy disapoiting experience with this. I've asked on the lavasoft facebook page, they told me to write an email to general support providing some information I did that and I didn't got a reply yet (more than 24hs). We've 3 computers with adaware Pro Security 11 installed as main defence. Two of these computers runs with Windows 7 64bits, when they tried to update I got the "couldn't create process" error message. I've saw here on the form that CeciliaB provided a link to download the KB3033929 windows update. I tried that in one computer and it seems it worked but after doing the adaware 12 update I got a message forcing me to install as second line of defence even if I don't have any other software and the previous version wasn't installed that way. Since I didn't have other option I've installed it the version 12 as second line, so is there any way to move or select it as primary or main line of defence? I've noticed when I open adware 12 that it says "Pro" so I guess it accepted the key from 11 version but the real time, web and email protection was off so I turned on real time, web and email protection and the active virus control, I had to make an aditional download for each and reboot each time. but I'm not sure if that was enough to make adaware to work as main defece. I'm waiting to do the KB3033929 update and all that on the second computer until know what has happened on the first one. The other computer runs with windows 10 64bits and I couldn't update to version 12 for a different reason, in this case I didn't got the message window saying that I should update so I tried to do it manually but when I try to open adaware (the currect 11 version) I get a message saying that service is not available (I tried several times during the day) and I can't do anything else because the window is blocked. Again I thought that I could uninstall version 11 and install version 12 but I'm not sure to do that since I can't even check my key numerber for the Pro security version I've so if the new install ask me for the key to active Pro security I don't have it. I will really appreciate it if you can help to fix it in a simple way because I was pretty happy with adaware until now (enough to buy Pro version for 3 computers and a 4th one as gift for someone else) but now it's kind of a hedache. Thanks in advance.
  8. I've the same issue with Ad-aware Pro security, and as Seraphaile says I don't want to turn off the Web Protection fearture.
  9. Thanks for the replu. I didn't re-install it anyway I don't know how but the icon is there on the tray bar now, I guess it's fine to don't unistall now since it seem the issue got solved by it self (if that possible). But I'll keep in mind to try that if something happens again. Now about Defender, I don't want to sound harsh or anything like that but I don't know how to take that "I think..." I mean it's a guessing like what I say on my previous message or it has some arguments behind?
  10. Hello, I'm user of Ad-Aware Pro Security on Windows 7 and these last days (not sure when it started to happen, may be after the last update of the software) the ad-aware icon is not showing on the icon try bar, even if I go to settings and pick "show icon and notifications" for ad-aware, when I do that I get a bubble message saying the icon is not active now and it will show up next time it gets active, but even after reboot it doesn't show up. I've checked the Task Manager and I saw that the processes "AdAwareTray.exe" and "adawarebp.exe" are running so I guess the software is working anyway, but since I'm not sure why is happening this icon tray bar issue I thought to ask here in case it could be something bad. btw, I taking this oportunity to ask another question, do I need to keep active an updating Windows defender? I've all the real time protections of ad-aware active so I thought may be I wouldn't need Windows defender doing the same (if it does the same). Thanks in advance for any help.